Understanding Computer Security in .NET

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7 Understanding Computer Security
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Remember that a curious neighbor or determined business competitor will not knock on your door to tell you how leaky your wireless signals are. They will not mention how lame your passwords are, if you even have any passwords at all.
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Keeping Things Out (Viruses, Worms, Trojans, Hackers)
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You must approach computer data security, and keeping your systems and les safe from worms, viruses, and other malware much like you approach the physical security of your home. The doors all have locks, and you remember to use them. An alarm alerts the authorities in case of an intrusion. Valuables hide inside a safe, or at least out of sight in drawers. Insurance doesn t act exactly like a backup, but does offer a way to replace items in case of loss. Once connected to a broadband service provider, your computer(s) can be seen on the Internet anytime by anyone. This is the ip side of the always-on feature of a broadband connection. Always on means, always visible, but so are your house and car. The layered approach works best in security. I describe, sometimes in painful detail, how to construct layers for security in upcoming chapters (12, 13, 15, 16, and 17).
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Security experts follow trends like everyone else. Lately most of them seem to prefer a Medieval layer description. The King must be guarded, so he sits inside the castle along with his army. More troops sit between the castle residence building and the walls of the castle. Outside the wall swims alligators in the moat. Outside the moat is the village, which slows attackers down. And putting the castle on high ground forces attackers to climb up toward the castle in full view of the lookouts. That s layered security, although the idea of your money inside a bank vault inside a bank building wired with electronic alarms has appeal, but not as picturesque as a castle.
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But if you re new to broadband access, you want to play with the Internet, and I don t blame you. So I just want to drop in a few security details before you get too carried away.
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Update your operating system
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Examine the circle of computer life: 1. Hacker or virus writers nd hole in operating system 2. Developer patches operating system 3. Users apply patches to their machines with that operating system 4. Hackers and virus writers nd new hole in operating system
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152 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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5. Developer patches operating system 6. Users apply patches to their machines with that operating system 7. Hackers and virus writers nd new hole in operating system (repeat and repeat and repeat) The part that often trips up users is the users apply patch part. Many don t, making their life more exciting if you consider viruses, worms, and hacker attacks exciting. Many people class those as giant pains in the rear, and do everything necessary to avoid that type of excitement. When a new virus or worm hits, the news reports makes a point that many of the users hit at the beginning have yet to patch some operating system aw that s been well documented. In other words, these people left their front door open. Don t be one of those people. Microsoft greatly improved its update technology with Windows XP. Figure 7-2 shows the update screen in Windows XP Home.
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Figure 7-2: You should see this screen regularly.
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You can reach the Windows Update screen in Windows XP by choosing Windows Update from the Start Menu and clicking Programs or by looking in the left-side menu from Control Panel. On Windows 2000 you just look on the Start menu. If you have automatic updates turned on, your system does the downloading and installing of patches for you. If you haven t checked out the options, let me show you where to enable automatic updates.
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