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102 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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developers. I m not at all surprised at the nearly nonexistent fraction of the market served by old-line telephone companies (Bell spin-offs). They re the ones with all the copper wire in place. The fact that DSL, and sometimes only slow DSL, is the only broadband that wiring network supports is our tough luck. Telephone companies won t write off their huge investment in all their installed wiring until they re forced to do so. That won t happen anytime soon.
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Laws regarding municipalities offering ber to home
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The role of the status quo is to maintain itself, meaning it must squash competitors before they become a threat. Such is the rule of the economic jungle, and the world of Fiber to the Home is no exception. Municipalities getting into the Fiber to the Home business, even when it makes great sense, steps on the market toes of the incumbent telephone and cable companies. Nine states have laws restricting municipalities from providing retail or wholesales services on a telecommunications network they build, including Fiber to the Home: Arkansas Florida Minnesota Nevada South Carolina Tennessee Texas Utah Washington Three states have overturned laws restricting municipalities from building a ber network to allow pilot projects to proceed: Missouri Nebraska Virginia Individuals can do little in this ght. If you have a chance to make your voice heard by writing a letter or e-mail to a local, state, or federal of cial, please do so. The earlier list in the politics section tells you how much Fiber to the Home you and I will get if the big telephone companies get their way and they block cities from building out ber networks and renting bandwidth to service providers: 0.4 percent. Enough to say they are rolling out a pilot project, but never enough to give us, the customers, real broadband at high speeds.
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Coverage areas
Physically, the coverage area of Fiber to the Home includes any location within 33,000 feet from a central of ce (30,000 from the central of ce to a passive
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5 Emerging Broadband Service Options
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remote node, then 3.000 feet more to the home or of ce). Although you may not be within 6.25 miles of a central of ce or remote node, I bet some type of city or public utility service is closer than that to you. Power lines come right to your house, so ber can piggyback on them. In essence, every home or business with any connection to municipal services or a public utility device can be within a broadband coverage area. That s assuming the world works in favor of the little guy, the one sitting at home waiting for real broadband. In real life, unfortunately, the little guy better be sitting on a street where a ber to the home pilot test is underway if he wants to be connected. Developers, especially in high-end neighborhoods, now regularly run ber to each home they build. When done during construction, the incremental cost of adding ber to the home adds little to the price, and provides a great selling point. But connecting to service providers able to take advantage of that ber connection depends on your location. If there s no trial project close by, you are out of luck.
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Trials in progress
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Many cities jump into the ber to the home movement because the city leaders realized something critical: bandwidth for homes and of ce, the kind of bandwidth ber cable connections provide, is becoming a necessity. Companies looking to move in or expand look carefully at the telecommunications support in place. Because the traditional broadband providers, telephone and cable companies, are playing hard to get (and trying to block the municipal ber networks in court), the only entity large enough, and able to bene t from such improvements, is the local municipal government. Tacoma, Washington, has 65,000 people who can get ber connections today out of the planned 184,000 when the rollout is complete. Only about 10 percent of those homes eligible have so far opted to pay for broadband cable service from one of four different service providers or one of the two cable TV providers. One of the largest trials in the United States is the Zipp Network in central Washington state. The Grant County Public Utility District formed more than 50 years ago and installed ber cables rst to manage its own electrical service. The iProvo project mentioned earlier passed the bond election to fund broadband buildout. 32,000 homes and businesses should bene t before too long. Back in California, the city of Palo Alto plans to deliver video, voice, and data over a Fiber to the Home network to 26,000 residents (see Figure 5-3). Part of the incentive is to replace much of the city s legacy network and communications facilities. I can t go on without mentioning the exciting, but poorly named, UTOPIA project in Utah. 18 cities, anchored by Salt Lake City, are planning to build an ultra-high speed network, using municipal ber. The Utah Telecommunication Open Infrastructure Agency estimates it will cost around $470 million and cover
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