Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You in .NET

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84 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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Figure 4-3: A leading two-way satellite broadband provider.
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Latency is just a fancy word for delay. Even the fastest broadband connections speed-wise can have latency issues. You measure latency on a round-trip basis, so delays introduced by network equipment, such as routers, gure into the mix and are blamed for all the latency (by the vendors of cable). For DSL and cable broadband, latency may be a slight annoyance but is rarely serious. For satellites, however, the long distances often introduce painful latency issues. Satellites used for two-way broadband are in geosynchronous orbit 23,000 miles above the Equator. That s a long way from Cleveland. If you hit the Enter key in Cleveland to download the latest Browns football news, here s what happens: 1. Your request goes up 23,000 miles to the satellite. 2. The data packets travel 23,000 miles down to the satellite switching station to connect to the Internet router. 3. Your request goes over the Internet to your Cleveland Browns fan Web site. 4. Your information comes back from the Web site to the satellite switching station. 5. The data packets go up 23,000 miles to the satellite.
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4 Types of Alternative Broadband Providers
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6. The data packets come down 23,000 miles to your dish.
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7. The data packets arrive through your satellite modem and the requested Web site appears on your screen. Total that up and you get over 92,000 miles of travel distance. That doesn t count the miles in Cleveland. Each round trip to the satellite takes between 700 to 1300 milliseconds according to satellite vendors. Standard Internet Protocol (IP) Web-handling routines start to assume the page request has been lost or disconnected after about 800 milliseconds and often send a second page submission because of the behind-the-scenes timeout caused by latency. You receive the page and your browser rejects the copies of the page coming in, but delays creep in while handling all this work in the background. The diagram in Figure 4-4 shows the long route for your football x Web page request. Your house, your satellite provider s earth station, and the Browns Web page host may be just about anywhere, but they aren t the parts causing any serious latency.
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Click See Browns Browns Satellite provider
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Browns win!
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Figure 4-4: Up and down and over and back goes your Web request.
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One-way satellite vendors jump on this and remind potential customers that using a telephone line for the upstream connection rather than the satellite drops the latency time down to around 400 milliseconds, providing you with your Cleveland Browns football x in a shorter amount of time without behind-the-scenes timeouts. Two-way satellite vendors point to their use of Internet caching to have pages waiting for you when you connect, so the chances of the page you want being
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86 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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ready to download increase considerably. So ip your coin and take your chances, or use another detail to help make your decision.
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Tech Bits
Web page caching uses special servers to hold copies of requested pages locally. When a second person asks for the same page, the provider already has it and doesn t need to fetch it from across the Internet again. This gives the second client a faster Web page update than the rst client. Caching works well on sites with heavy traf c, such as major news sites and online retailers. Dynamic sites, such as auction pages, change too fast for caching to provide any bene t.
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High-speed games, such as various shooter games like Quake and Doom, suffer from this latency. In fact, it can kill you, but you can click the Replay button and come back to life. Games that require less urgent trigger ngers work ne over most satellite links.
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Service providers
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There aren t many service providers in the satellite world because satellites are so expensive. I mentioned DirecWay, so let me show you the Web page for StarBand (, its primary two-way broadband competitor. (See Figure 4-5.)