Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You in .NET

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80 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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sends higher quality signals and packs more signals into a frequency range managed by the receiver, but there are more similarities than differences. Satellite broadband works much the same way, although you don t have to tune various frequencies for various Internet and Web addresses. One frequency for the satellite company is all you need, because you re receiving a link to a single Internet service provider rather than multiple broadcast channels. Notice what hasn t been mentioned: cables or wires. Unlike DSL or cable broadband access, satellites provide service to a large section of the country while avoiding the costs of running cables to every home. That s much cheaper, if you forget about the cost of building and launching a satellite. Yet even with the satellite cost, companies offer service to so many millions of people that the cost per subscriber (or potential subscriber) totals less than cable or DSL. Or, you can look at the economics and realize the rst customer costs $500 million to connect, but the rest are free. The dish used for broadband satellite is slightly larger than the one used for TV. Larger perhaps, but once mounted on your roof and pointing toward the south, you won t be able to tell the difference between the TV and broadband satellites. Not that it matters, but the marketing people for the slightly larger broadband dish claim extra stability through storms, wind, rain, and clouds. True, a larger dish can catch and use a degraded signal slightly better than a smaller dish. If you have an advanced satellite receiver, you can send information to it; for example you could purchase a pay-per-view movie from the satellite provider. But didn t the box holding the satellite equipment say only Receiver on it, and not transmitter Receiver is what the box said. Satellite TV receivers are receive-only. To communicate with your satellite TV provider, you have to plug in a phone line to your satellite set-top box. Any information from you to the satellite provider goes over the telephone line. You can get along quite well without an upstream data path when you watch satellite TV. The telephone line connection makes it easy for your children to order pay-per-view when you re not around (a good reason not to have it). I don t have an upstream telephone cable attached to my satellite set-top box, and I get along ne. (The kids may tell a different story.) The choice to add an upstream link doesn t matter all that much for satellite TV. But if you re looking for Internet access, you must have an upstream data ow. As you can see in the next three sections, there are two ways to send data upstream.
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Every satellite vendor requires you to install a satellite dish facing to the south. Two-way satellites, because they have transmitters, must be installed by a certi ed technician. You can install one-way units yourself, but professional installation will get you up and running more quickly.
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4 Types of Alternative Broadband Providers
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When I ordered satellite TV, my system was installed and running in 2 hours. My next-door neighbor installed his own. I saw him on the roof ve different times and noticed the satellite dish in three different places before he got it all working. The satellite vendor will provide (or sell) you a satellite modem to connect your computer to the satellite feed. It may be internal modem or an external modem like all the DSL and cable modems. You will connect the modem to your computer via an Ethernet cable, like the DSL and cable modems. A few new systems use the USB port for connection. If you order home satellite service, you may not get a router or other way to connect more than one computer to the satellite modem. If that s the case, you must use Windows peer-to-peer networking to share access to the satellite connection. See 11 to get started with peer-to-peer networking software and con gurations. s 14 and 15 show how to connect via wires or wirelessly. If you have a one-way satellite system, you will need to have a functioning modem and telephone line for upstream communications. You don t have to have a dedicated phone line for your Internet connection, but it helps keep peace in the family. Web Forms qr-codes implementation for .net
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