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Service and uptime matter, and broadband reliability does tend to favor a hub and spoke arrangement (the phone company s central of ce is in the middle with lines going out like bicycle wheel spokes) like that of DSL over a shared medium like that of cable. And that s not an underhanded shot at cable s reputation but the fact of a shared medium. When your DSL line breaks, you suffer. When your neighbor s DSL line breaks, you don t know it. When your neighbor s cable breaks, and you re on that cable as well, you know it. Better you don t suffer for your neighbor s problems. DSL connections within 10,000 feet of the central of ce (or service provider) may have no active components between the client and the of ce. Fewer active components means fewer mistakes. Customers served by DSL via remote terminals to boost the signal for longer distances do have some active components between them and their service provider. If something happens to the remote terminal, the entire area s DSL service would be interrupted. But such a failure would ring alarm bells and send technical support folks running. Telephone companies do a pretty good job of keeping phone lines up. Since DSL runs over the same physical wires as your home or of ce telephone line, the DSL service stays up as well.
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3 Types of Broadband Providers
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One detail with ADSL you don t often see mentioned is the need for a splitter on the phone lines. The DSL signals make noise on the line that interferes with voice connections unless you put a lter on that line. Your ADSL supplier will include the lters as part of your installation kit, or you can buy them at Radio Shack. Once in place, your phone quality stays about the same even when you re listening to streaming music downloads over the Internet while talking on that same phone line.
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Is your computer safe on DSL Not really, because DSL puts your computer on the Internet, and bad things can happen to computers on the Internet. This isn t the place to look for computer security information about viruses, hackers, and rewalls. Skip to 7 for a full examination of those topics. However, using any avor of DSL does not make your computer less secure than any other computer on the Internet. Some of the features increase security, such as IP addresses that change every time you connect to the Internet. Those changes make it dif cult for someone to focus on your particular computer. Technically, someone could follow your phone cable and physically tap it somewhere. Not likely, but the truly paranoid would worry about that. But if you re that level of paranoid, you shouldn t use a computer at all, because you expose all sorts of information about yourself when you traverse the Internet.
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Pricing for DSL services varies from each provider, of course, but there are three levels to most price structures. Basic ADSL, the 384/128 Kbps product, gets all the promotional come-on pricing. See an ad for High Speed Internet Access for less than a dollar a day!!! and they re talking about 384/128 Kbps speeds to residential customers. In the spring of 2004, prices for this service level seem to be $39.95 per month with discounts and specials making the price $25 to $30 per month. Although the low prices are supposed to run out after a year, I doubt vendors will have any luck upping the price for existing customers. All you need do if they threaten to bump your price is threaten to sign up with another provider at its introductory price. As hardware costs decrease for new generations of DSL equipment and the early adopter customers all have service, I m betting prices will oat downwards even more. Some provider will start a price war offering service at $19.95 per month before long, and that will be the new basic price. I ve already seen $19.95 as a Special Three Month Introductory Special Price!!! from two providers. Mid-tier pricing, for the downstream speeds ranging up to a guaranteed 1.5 Mbps, are at least double the retail price for the basic price. The lowest national pricing I can nd now is $49.95, and most service providers run the price up to about $80 at the top end. Ask your potential provider about all
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