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3 Types of Broadband Providers
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your broadband access provider without changing anything except perhaps your broadband modem. Conversely, you can change just about everything inside your network and nothing will affect your broadband service. Changing providers means changing your e-mail address and more. Check out Keeping your old e-mail address in 9 for your e-mail address options before signing a contract.
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The term Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) has become generic and now tends to represent the family of digital data services over the telephone company s infrastructure. So referring to a DSL connection is like referring to a Ford. You have the right group, but you don t know if the speci c item is a Mustang or an F150 pickup truck. The site shown in Figure 3-1 is one of many that can help you pick the best broadband service for your situation.
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Figure 3-1: One of the sites to help you pick the broadband service that ts you best.
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The Phone Company, and later the Baby Bells, lusted after a way to compete with cable television from the rst day cable TV companies started digging up the streets to lay cable. One of the earliest rationalizations for research into DSL was the planned capability to download video to a consumer s TV through the person s telephone connection. I certainly call that a direct challenge to the cable industry, which at the time promised us 500 channels of quality televised entertainment.
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54 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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Neither the phone or cable industries kept their word, did they Video on demand doesn t exist from DSL providers in any sense of the word, and there s no easy way to push the video to the TV (yet). And the cable companies have only a half-way answer to their promises, with about 250 channels. They certainly missed as often as they hit that quality televised entertainment target. If you call a service provider and ask for DSL and ask whether SDSL or G.Lite is available (de nitions upcoming), you will put yourself above all the other customers who call in. This means you may get bumped up the line to talk to a supervisor, which is good because they can sometimes offer deals the rst line salespeople can t. Take a look at the information provided by the DSLForum shown in Figure 3-2 for some ideas and background before calling for service.
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Figure 3-2: The of cial Web site of the DSLForum.org.
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DSL implementations have run wild throughout the United States, and even wilder in some other parts of the world. There are more total DSL broadband users in Japan than in the United States, and China added more subscribers than both in the third quarter of 2003. Table 3-1 contrasts usage in 20 countries. Growth of DSL service made great strides outside the United States. The top three leaders in percentage increase in DSL lines in the rst half of 2003 were Portugal (60 percent), China (40 percent) and the UK (32 percent). South Korea won the award for DSL penetration now that over 30 percent of the telephone
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3 Types of Broadband Providers
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Table 3-1 Top 20 DSL Countries by Total Number of Subscribers 30 September 2003 from DSLForum.org
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Total DSL Subscribers ( 000) 9,228.6 8,243.5 7,817.4 7,069.4 4,252.0 2,429.5 2,374.0 2,027.7 1,672.0 1,433.4 Total DSL Subscribers ( 000) 1,414.7 837.7 706.0 660.0 643.6 508.0 416.5 383.0 358.0 333.0
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Ranking 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
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Country Japan USA China South Korea Germany France Taiwan Canada Italy Spain
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Ranking 11 12 11 11 15 16 17 18 19 20
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Country UK Brazil Belgium Hong Kong Netherlands Sweden Denmark Switzerland Israel Australia
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lines in that country support DSL. In fact, over 20 percent of DSL subscribers in South Korea have upgraded to a faster form of ADSL. The DSLForum.org group doesn t plan to rest on these laurels. Its oft stated goal is 200 million subscribers and 20 percent of all phone lines online by the end of 2005. That s a lot of phone lines and a lot of customers sur ng the Internet via broadband. From now on, when I say DSL I mean that generically, and the subject at hand pertains to all the common avors of DSL. As the big heading for this section says, think of DSL as broadband from the phone company. When the topic concerns only one type of DSL service, I ll specify that particular technology.
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