Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You in .NET

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34 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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Besides, there are few copper wires left to carry phone calls of any distance anymore. Long distance calls go over ber optic cable and wireless connections between transmission towers. But the virtual circuit technology remains, and we ll see that it colors the types of broadband offered by various telephone companies today. All this virtual circuit talk may make you wonder where the one-to-many distribution scheme appears. The last copper wires in a telephone run between your home or of ce and the central of ce still the hub of the local telephone network. Local telephones link to the local central of ce via old-fashioned copper wires inside rubber insulators, just like they did over a hundred years ago. Each central of ce links to other central of ces and combine lines until they connect to the national network. The phone companies concentrate their equipment in the central of ces and larger switching centers connecting the central of ces. Expensive equipment sits in the central of ces, not inside telephones in every home. Each home links to a single central of ce, although businesses can link to multiple central of ces for redundancy in case of a failure at one central of ce. How would the telephone company connect calls using its virtual circuit method without central of ces Not well, and perhaps not at all. Your telephone, and your modem for that matter, connect your home directly to the neighborhood central of ce. Everything the telephone companies do follows this pattern of a direct connection between your home or of ce and the central of ce. All the various avors of DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) services follow the same pattern: your home by way of a wire to the central of ce. When I get to the details of DSL later in this book, you will see ways in which the equipment providing DSL services make it easier to send information downstream than it does to receive information. But some of the advantages should be obvious. If the virtual circuit must handle traf c from your house, it must be able to capture the information, store the information for a fraction of a second, digest the information, and forward the information somewhere else, if necessary. These features come at a cost, but the good thing is that the cost is dropping. You nd out all about DSL in 3. Stay tuned. The one-to-many distribution network by the telephone companies won t go away for years and years; in fact, distribution to the home will generally use this model. There is too much invested in telephone wires snaking in, around, and into our neighborhoods to abandon this system. Centralization of resources will remain a key component of network design. The Internet philosophy calls for smart devices in the center of things (giant routers to switch traf c around the network) that support dumb devices (small routers
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2 Getting Familiar with Broadband Technology
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for Internet access at homes and businesses). Which is cheaper: upgrading a thousand routers owned by service providers or a hundred million small routers and cable modems
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One-to-many distribution future developments
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Since the foundation of the Internet (and therefore the Web) depends on centralized resources, will there be changes and improvements in the future Absolutely. Many of the fun things on the Web, such as streaming Internet radio or multiplayer games, bene t from the idea of one resource providing services to many users at one time. Yet coordinating synchronized streams across hundreds of users thousands of miles apart is tough, tough, tough. Providing multiple streaming servers scattered around the Internet is one way to improve the user experience in such a situation. This means more and smarter servers (or, more accurately, clusters of servers to provide fault-tolerant hardware and guarantee uptime) scattered around the Internet closer to more people. Initially, expensive to deploy, once in place these extra streaming stations provide horsepower for a variety of new and interesting projects as yet unborn. Perhaps you remember the line from the movie Field of Dreams: If you build it they will come. On the Internet, the idea is If we have servers and bandwidth, people will use them. The worry for the future Increasing consolidation in major Internet providers (the cable and telephone companies) means decreased competition whereas consolidation of content providers reduces innovation and choice. Many of the same companies control both the content and method of distribution (Time Warner, for example, owns cable companies, as well as AOL, WB TV, Warner Brothers movie studio, and Time, Fortune, Sports Illustrated and even MAD Magazine), and consolidation increases daily.
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