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Another, more technical consideration, has to do with the early chips built to support broadband connections. As is often the case with electronics, there is a nite limit to the number of actions possible within a certain timeframe. Joseph Lechlieder, an engineer at Bellcore research center in the 1980s, developed many of the algorithms establishing DSL technology. He was among the rst to push an asymmetrical connection, recognizing most users would download more information than they upload.
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The following section looks at why the existing structure favors downstream traf c. Then I ll share some details about upstream traf c.
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Downstream details
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As I mentioned in the preceding section, network plumbing hasn t yet caught up with physical plumbing for most of the homes in the world. But if you think of water pipes from the lake to your bathroom, you get the idea of how centralized the plumbing systems are and how their distribution patterns were set in stone (or actually buried in many cases) long before the Internet was even a glint in an engineer s eye. When you turn the faucet, water comes out. That water had a long trip. First, millions of gallons of water sit in lakes and reservoirs, sometimes scores or hundreds of miles away from your city and your bathroom. Millions of gallons await your faucet s request for service. Huge pipelines carry the lake water to holding stations closer to the city. Smaller pipes carry the water to other distribution points near the suburbs and surrounding cities. Depending on the
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2 Getting Familiar with Broadband Technology
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size of the area served by the reservoir, this process may repeat another time or two. Next, the water arrives in your neighborhood. Most areas still use water towers to let gravity provide water pressure to homes, but some areas use holding tanks on (or halfway into) the ground. Finally, the faucet holds back the water from the tower until you turn the handle. Then it jumps into your sink to catch you by surprise and splash onto your new pants. Good ideas for water distribution systems turn out to be good ideas for delivering data connections to residential areas. The telephone and electrical companies use the same type of distribution scheme. You may have read about the network tree concept and how the data ows through the trunk, on out to the limbs, on to smaller limbs, and nally to the leaves. Our personal network connections are the leaves. But this image really should be turned upside down. It s more accurate to think of the trunk as being at the top rather than at the bottom. Our personal connections are at the bottom of this network, just like we re on the downhill side of the water pipes from the water tower. Let s be honest here. If you chart your Internet use for a week, you ll nd the vast majority of the traf c comes to you, and very little goes out from you. E-mail goes both ways; but other than mail, I m betting that you download much more than you upload especially when you count spam. You view (download) local weather radar to check on a coming storm. You view (download) the latest video from your favorite singer. Plenty of exceptions exist, but most people receive more content than they send.
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One-to-many distribution cost advantages for providers
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Centralization offers great cost bene ts during a technology s development. Reservoirs, water towers, and pipes expensive as they are are cheaper than every house in a city drilling its own well for water. Consequently, a centralized distribution system offers substantial cost savings. The early telephone company (AT&T was The Phone Company until 1984, remember) recognized the potential cost savings of centralization when it followed the water tower-to-home concept to help contain its distribution costs. The technology of the time demanded that AT&T create giant connection frames where the phone line from every home and of ce in the area terminated. Remember the old switchboard operator pictures where ladies plugged wires into a matrix of plugs in front of them That s the way the telephone network started and still works today. Virtual circuit, the operative word for the type of connection used by the telephone network, creates a solid wire link between the calling and receiving phone. When you call your next-door neighbor, the wire goes from your phone to the central of ce (the switching center with computers replacing the ladies with hair buns and wires) and back down another wire to your neighbor s house. Some readers may politely point out that they have a cellular phone and so there is no wire involved. Correct, but the technology works the same, because the originating station (your cell phone) and the receiver (the phone you called) stay connected to each other, and only each other, during the conversation.
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