Getting Familiar with Broadband Technology in .NET

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2 Getting Familiar with Broadband Technology
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The rst paragraph, and rst two bullet points, certainly sound good, don t they Reducing the time to access information sounds great because you all want the screen to update instantly when you press a button or click the mouse. Not so good are the last four bullet points. This page, when I grabbed these quotes, was last updated on 3/13/03. This means the information is more than a year old by the time this book hits the bookshelves. But nothing in the rst three waf ing bullet points will change soon. But the last note, adoption rates in relation to availability, are picking up, as you ll soon see. Amazing what happens when a technology becomes affordable. Don t you love the gov-speak in the third bullet point Access is limited in underserved areas. Correct: no one buys broadband services in areas where there are no broadband services to buy. Perhaps they could simply combine lines one and three and just say not enough people in the United States have access to broadband and make this clear
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Symmetrical versus Asymmetrical Connections
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The two long words, symmetrical and asymmetrical, are just scienti cally precise ways of describing traf c patterns in broadband service offerings. I am tempted to say equal and unequal, but that wouldn t be accurate. Symmetrical means bandwidth throughput is equal in both directions, so as much data can come into your computer as can go out of your computer. Asymmetrical adopts the not pre x (a) which means that bandwidth going in one direction is greater than bandwidth going in the other direction. Think of a highway into a city during rush hour. Many cars are going one way, and fewer cars are going the other way. You can also look at your mailbox (the physical one) where you get more mail each day than you send out. You can look at your e-mail box and see that the ratio of mail in, counting spam, may be a hundred times greater than the mail going out.
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Why service providers offer both options
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There are technical reasons for service providers to offer both symmetrical and asymmetrical connection options. With some providers and types of service, you don t have a choice whether you receive symmetrical or asymmetrical connections. Usually, however, you have a choice. Let me warn you now: a symmetrical connection almost always costs more. Although the Internet developed an infrastructure based on sharing connections between networks (the Internet is really just a giant group of networks connected to each other), these high-speed data networks often don t reach out to the suburbs. The problem is the plumbing or, in the case of data networks, the infrastructure.
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32 Part I Determining Which Broadband Is Right for You
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Infrastructure is a fancy (and clumsy) word for the hardware and software framework that supports computing and the Internet. Actually, if the problem really were with the plumbing, things would be better. Cities and towns work with developers to install physical infrastructure items such as roads, electricity, water, and sewer connections to support new homes and businesses. The idea of buying a home and then having to negotiate with Acme WaterWorks to get fresh water in and wastewater out, wouldn t even be an acceptable plot for a bad sitcom. Housing developments include electricity and telephone service automatically. New developments often have cable TV distribution wiring built in. Fancy new developments now include digital broadband access options, such as ber cabling, to provide high-speed Internet access. The majority of the houses in the United States lack such expensive high-speed access, but they do have universal telephone service (by federal decree) and near-universal cable TV access. Technological restrictions on connections to you, the Internet consumer, come from the years of technology built to serve a different function, such as the telephone company. Neither the telephone system nor the cable TV distribution system was designed to do what we re asking of them now: to provide high-speed data connections.
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