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Pretty self-explanatory, but this site adds some nice touches with a CD catalog listing CDs for sale by genre. The graphics are large enough to actually see the CD cover, an unusual idea for many sites.
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Appendix A Quick Hits Roundup
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DMusic: Your digital music oasis
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Yet another artist promotion site, with an icon by songs to let you send a friend a link to that song. Clever marketing. Streaming radio sites:
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www.Shoutcast.com www.GrooveRadio.com www.RantRadio.com www.ThePavedEarth.com www.SomaFM.com www.DI.fm www.AccuRadio.com www.RadioIO.com www.NetRadio.com
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Video Sites: Stream or Download
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Although the computer has yet to supplant the TV as a great place to view lms, there are plenty of sites offering video that works just ne on your computer. In a few more years with a bit more hardware, you will be able to stream broadband video directly to your TV, but not yet. However, many companies use computerbased training, which includes video and audio clips. More fun than training lms, however, are the Web sites lled with interesting video stories you won t see on your TV anytime soon, so enjoy them on your computer now.
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Mainstream and advertising supported
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Atom Films: Instant entertainment
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Originally independent and pushing the Internet bubble, AtomFilms.com is now owned by Macromedia, the people who make Shockwave and Flash. Still edgy, since Macromedia appeals to many creative people, AtomFilms.com is a fun place to visit. IFilms, including Instant iFilm
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Another edgy entry, iFilm.com includes more adult short lms than you may want your children to view. But the Rated R ones are still funny or thought provoking, or both. Some of the famous short lms that have been e-mailed around the Internet started here. Guide to new and upcoming movies and DVD releases
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Not edgy, unless you think movie trailers for R movies push the boundaries of good taste. But when you hear about a new movie through the grapevine, the trailer is usually here waiting for you. Music TV
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Used to be edgy, now alternately mainstream, corporate, tired, greedy, or historical. But there are a ton of music videos here, and few things on the Web bene t more from a broadband connection than music videos. All major network television Web sites ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, and even Fox offer plenty of streaming video, although most from the TV rerun closet. The news sides of the major networks often include video from other parts of the world not shown on network television often.
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Apple: See the new iPod ads
Apple computers didn t invent multimedia computing, but don t say that to a Macintosh fan unless you want to ght. The QuickTime player is a must-have, even when you already have Windows Media Player and Real Player on your system. A broadband test drive
Yes, a car magazine site. Look to the bottom of the home page for the Video section, and enjoy car videos almost never seen on TV or anywhere except a dealership. Enjoy them at home without a salesperson bugging you to sign on the line.
Odd and thrilling (and funny) independent
Award winning sites from all over
Appendix A Quick Hits Roundup
This group picks the best of the Web each year and shows the winners and runner s up. Not all of these are videos, obviously, but the ones they have will amaze you. They are all actual award-winning sites and you will agree the level of quality rises far above any site collection you ve seen before. Music videos, lm, music, anime and others
Music videos you won t see on MTV.com, and short lms you won t see on the other lm sites. Laugh at some strange things
Cable access meets the Web. No clue who is behind this, or what the site hosts are thinking (or smoking). That s a joke, because some of these videos are hysterical. Laugh a little more, eh