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There are two ways to see the information about your IP protocol in Windows 2000/XP: run ipcon g from a DOS command line or check out the details in your Local Area Network connection. If you prefer the graphical approach, refer to Figure 19-3. If you still remember (and like) a DOS prompt, open a DOS window and type ipcon g/all to show the information in Figure 19-16.
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19 Troubleshooting Your Side of the Connection
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Figure 19-16: Complete ipcon g information for Windows XP.
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Notice the information looks quite a bit like that from the Windows 9x/ME listing. But instead of a graphical utility, Microsoft retreated to a DOS window. Oh well, who can fathom the unfathomable mind of Microsoft This shows the DHCP lease time, which helps if you re having some odd disconnect problems. It shows that the DNS server is the gateway. Some routers like to do that, and cache some of the DNS information for the local network. As long as your clients can get to the Web and refer to sites by their names, you re in good shape.
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Checking Your Router Settings
Problems on your part of the network include the router connected to your cable/DSL modem. Different routers obviously have different administration screens, but let me show you a few places where I ve had to do some troubleshooting while researching this book. For security, always check the level of rewall settings you have available on your router. Figure 19-17 shows the default settings for the Linksys WRV54G router. Some network hardware, particularly wireless routers and access points from Microsoft, want to con gure the network for you. The process for this is network Universal Plug and Play. I turn this off the rst time I con gure a piece of network equipment, because if there s a problem with a router or other device after another device changed the settings without telling anyone, how will I ever nd and x that problem
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530 Part V Troubleshooting
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Figure 19-17: Turn on the rewall, and block anonymous requests (pings).
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Universal Plug and Pray Not Usually an Uplifting Experience
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Perhaps Universal Plug and Play will improve. Perhaps all vendors will coordinate every UPnP command so there s never a mistake on my network. Perhaps my hair will stop turning gray and start growing back. UPnP will get better (before my hair grows back in, at least). However, the idea that any vendor of any hardware or software device on my network can change con gurations on other devices makes me nervous. When UPnP works, with Microsoft operating system and Microsoft routers in a small network, it doesn t save much time at all. And when it doesn t work, you waste an enormous amount of time tracking down what went wrong. That s why I call this Plug and Pray. It s more alliterative than Plug and Curse.
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Figure 19-18 shows the UPnP disable setting for the Linksys router shown in the previous gure. The UPnP settings locations vary depending on the manufacturer, but check out the security or advanced settings rst in your search.
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19 Troubleshooting Your Side of the Connection
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Figure 19-18: UPnP is disabled using the radio button so network devices can t shut down Internet access without my knowledge.
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The router status is a good screen to keep an eye on. If you don t see your DNS server addresses (at the bottom of Figure 19-19) or there is no IP address in the Default Gateway on the broadband service provider portion of the network, you know the problem is outside your network. The router software version may be worth keeping an eye on as well. Upgrades to the router rmware (the internal software that runs the router) add new features and x old bugs. Upgrading the router software on a regular basis may help keep some of the potential network problems at bay. And if you re talking about network problems, keeping them somewhere besides your network is always a good goal.
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Things will go wrong on your network. No network or network manager, is immune from this sad fact of life. Remember bottom-up troubleshooting and make sure the easy things are right. Plugs are in, devices are turned on, and the monitor is turned up. Remember to make sure your network protocol software is running by using internal computer
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