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After traveling with a laptop, make sure you have recon gured anything in your wireless connection pro le you changed to connect while on the road. If you forget to change your wireless pro le, you ll wonder why you can t connect back at home. Then you discover you re still trying to connect through the Bronx Zoo access point, and you re a long way from the Bronx. Microsoft published a little tip that may be critical for your laptop con guration routine. If you use your Internet Connection Firewall (ICF) in Windows XP while traveling, check it when you return home. If you have ICF on for an adapter, that adapter will ignore all local network devices. In other words, your My Network Places will be empty. Another reason to use a different personal rewall on your laptop rather than trust the Microsoft included utility.
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Windows 9x/ME Family
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Microsoft added plenty of networking functionality to the Windows 9x family, but it s hard to appreciate that now that Windows 95 is long dead and Windows 98 is on life support. One report from AssetMetrix Research Labs at the end of 2003 showed that more than 80 percent of all U.S. companies were still using at least one PC with Windows 9x/ME. Estimates in the range of 21 million Windows 95 users and 58 million Windows 98 users seem to be the consensus. In other words, about 20 percent of all desktop systems remain in the Windows 9x/ME family. Yes, Microsoft has continued support for the Windows 9x/ME family longer than most software companies continue their support. But even Microsoft, rich as they are, don t really want to cut their ties for around 70 million users. And Microsoft has tried everything to get these people to upgrade yet hasn t been able to do so. You will nd that wireless products do not always come with Windows 9x/ME drivers anymore. If they do include those drivers, check the dates on the les. I bet they re the oldest drivers included with the wireless product.
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Why you should upgrade
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Much technological water has gone under the bridge since Windows 98 appeared. Your network can use many of those advances, so seriously consider upgrading. Refer to 11 to remind yourself why you should upgrade. Then do so and save yourself some aggravation. I installed Windows 2000 Professional on an old Dell laptop with a Pentium 166 MHz (the original Pentium, not Pentium II or Pentium III) and only 32MB of RAM. If I can get Windows 2000 Professional running on that machine, you can almost certainly upgrade any Windows 98 systems you have to at least Windows 2000.
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19 Troubleshooting Your Side of the Connection
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Do you enjoy rebooting your computer With Windows 98, you must reboot every time you make a change to any of the network con guration options. Every time. Not only that, you almost always have to supply the original Windows 98 les from the CD to nish the con guration. You can have the les on a network drive so you don t have to have the actual CD on hand, but the process remains slow and aggravating. One of the nice advantages of Windows XP Home and Professional is the System Restore utility. Windows XP takes a system snapshot now and then of your working system and saves that. If you add a program that messes up your con guration, you can rollback to a known good point. Even better, you can specify when to make a snapshot. Going to try something risky Then take your snapshot before you start the installation process. If anything goes wrong, rollback and start again. Very handy. The standard Windows 9x/ME DHCP client support (Get an IP address automatically) does not always support getting your DNS server addresses from the DHCP server. If those server addresses change, your client will work ne inside your network but will be unable to connect to Web sites across the Internet. You may well forget this, because all other DHCP clients (Windows 2000/XP, Linux, and Macintosh) properly grab the DNS servers from the DHCP servers. Lagging behind in the Windows 9x world will complicate your troubleshooting. Haven t you done something worth celebrating lately If so, buy yourself a new computer as a reward. It will make life easier in a variety of broadband ways.
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