Troubleshooting Internet Access Problems in .NET

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18 Troubleshooting Internet Access Problems
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Figure 18-4 shows an example of your tax dollars at work: www.consumeraction
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Figure 18-4: The Federal Citizen Information Center.
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Here are some other suggestions and cautions you should follow if you re going to pursue something serious: Be prepared for some BS and/or the runaround. Some companies do this as a matter of course in a short-sighted effort to save money. Be polite. Even if you re aggravated inside, don t rant, rave, or abuse the service representative on the phone. Get the service representative s name. Sometimes it helps to go back to the same person in a continuing problem. Sometimes it s good to have a name to tell people when a second service representative asks who told you some information. Keep notes, as closely and accurately as you can. Jot things down as you talk and amplify those and ll in the blanks as soon as you hang up. These will help you through the initial customer service contacts. Most of the time, one contact will solve your problem. Unfortunately, however, things don t always work out so neatly.
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When problems become more serious or drag on longer, additional steps are necessary: Ask to speak to a supervisor. Ask for some type of assurance that the supervisor isn t the rst level customer representative sitting beside your rst contact. Ask the supervisor straight out if they have the authority to resolve your issues. If the answer to the above question is no, ask for the next level of supervisor. Do not fall for the old speech about there s nothing anyone else can do for you. Executives can always put things right when they get involved. Tell the person you re trying to escalate from you would like to hear the executives tell you themselves your problem can t be solved to your satisfaction. Local or regional consumer advocates, often associated with an area newspaper, radio, or television station, may be able to help. Figure 18-5 shows the Web site of Benjamin Dover, a long-time consumer avenger in the Dallas and Houston area.
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Figure 18-5: Yes, the name really is Ben Dover, and there s much to learn on this site.
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Going past this point when demanding service or recompense for lack of service from your broadband provider doesn t happen often. There are two interesting
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18 Troubleshooting Internet Access Problems
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options presented by various consumer advocates. Luckily, I ve never had to resort to either one, and you probably haven t (and won t) either. But in case the worst happens, there are the two escalated options. Send certi ed letters, with cc: (copies) to the company s PR director, the local media, and the state attorney general. If the rst batch doesn t work, send another message, via certi ed mail, and include all the local newspapers, radio stations, and television consumer reporters. File a charge for the lost money in Small Claims court. The companies have to appear or lose the judgment, and big companies hate to have a long line of small court judgments make them look bad. State laws vary, but you can t argue about more than $5,000 in most states Small Claims court. Some people believe one or the other of these last two suggestions always work. I can t imagine you having to escalate a problem with a service provider to this level, but stranger things have happened. At least now you know two more options for complaint resolution of any kind. Figure 18-6 shows How to Complain from the AARP (it used to be the American Association of Retired Persons but they just go by AARP now). Not all of this ts service providers, but every bit helps.
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Figure 18-6: How to complain if you re over 50 or want to tap the experience of millions of members.
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The AARP also has information on buying safely over the Internet and helpful forums for discussions. You don t have to be a member to view their Web site or follow their advice.
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