Dealing with Lousy Customer Service in .NET

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Dealing with Lousy Customer Service
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A little empathy, please. Would you like a job where people called you up all day and whined about things you didn t cause and couldn t personally x Why do you think they will be in a better mood than you would be in their seat and telephone headset More than that, rst level technical support personnel (the ones who answer the main toll-free support number calls) are generally the new hires and trainees. Anyone answering the phones may be out of training that very day and you won t know it. They could also be stuck in an entry-level job without the smarts to move up and get off the rst level support desk. So have a little understanding for the poor girl or guy who answers your phone call. Even if you ve had to wait a while, they re stuck there for the rest of their
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486 Part V Troubleshooting
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shift. At least you get to hang up and go do something else. They have to pick up another call, then another, then another, then another . . . all the rest of their time. But all that is their problem, not yours. You have a problem or you wouldn t be calling. So let me outline ways to get better service. Just remember the voice on the other end of the phone belongs to a person. That person can help you or not help you with almost no worry of getting in trouble if they give little effort and no help. But if you work with that person, make them feel the two of you are partners in solving your problem, you ll get more help than you ever imagined.
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How to complain effectively
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First off, vent to your friends about how horrible your service is and how you d like to re everyone at your service provider for incompetence. Don t vent when you get on the phone, because you ll only make matters worse. Second (and repeated), know what you want to get done in your call, and focus on that goal and only that goal. Do not bring up the problems you had last month unless they are directly related. Do not bring up a news report you read on the Internet about the service provider and their troubles. Do not complain about the amount of spam in your e-mail box. This is not the time. Focus on your goal for this call, and bring up nothing else. If you rant and emulate a crazy person, you will be tagged as a weirdo by the support staff and your complaints become the ravings of a lunatic rather than a legit problem. Don t give them an excuse to dismiss you as a nut. Know what you want and say it clearly. Decide before you start if you: Want your money back Want a service charge to be erased Want a policy changed because of the problems it causes you Need a new cable/DSL modem Want to cancel the service without a penalty If you can t put your compliant into a short, quick sentence like those above, don t call yet. Figure out exactly what you want and ask for that. Ask again if you must. Ask a third time if you must, but don t start adding related or unrelated issues. Focus on what you want and say it clearly. Be prepared to invest the time necessary to see your problem solved. If you have a service problem, that should be solved relatively quickly. If you are looking for a refund or other hard cash, you may need to ll out forms, ll out other forms, then ll out even more forms. If you want your money back, be persistent.
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