Avoiding Wireless Eavesdropping and Hacking in .NET

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17 Avoiding Wireless Eavesdropping and Hacking
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implementation. The wireless vendors are beginning to add support for 802.1x, but you need both ends. When you upgrade, 802.1x should be ready and priced low enough to be worthwhile.
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Public Wi-Fi Access
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The lure of the open road traveled with laptop in hand (or slung over shoulder) proves irresistible to many. If you are one of those I m happy for you. And if you want to be as happy when you return as you are when you start your journey, you must take some extra precautions. You don t really expect the coffee shop to include serious Wi-Fi security for your latte over laptop, do you The whole idea of public wireless access is easy access. This works great if you want to read the news over the Web with your coffee. This works terribly if you want to read your e-mail, order something online, or enter business information into your customer database back at the of ce
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Secure your laptop
12 goes into details about rewalls and their importance to your network. Yet at a coffee shop, you have no protection from any rewalls. So your only choice is a personal rewall for your laptop. Remember ZoneAlarm, from Zone Labs, Inc., (www.zonelabs.com) They have a free personal rewall available for download. This may be enough, or you may want a full security suite. The more business you do while traveling with your laptop, the more protection you need. Zone Labs offers upgraded products for your laptop, as do McAfee and Norton. All three products include as much or as little security as you want depending on your budget. You may get personal rewall protection from another product you have. Vendors of products like spam blockers and virus protectors often include rewall functions as well. If all this seems to be too much trouble, good luck. At least turn it on the by clicking Windows XP Internet Connection Firewall (My Network Places My Network Connections Local Area Connection Properties Advanced). See Figure 17-13 for a quick reminder. Notice in Figure 17-13 I opened the Help screen. If you re curious about setting up ICF, click the Learn more about Internet Connection Firewall text in blue to summon the Help screen shown. You re not really protecting yourself from your fellow coffee drinkers, but all the hackers and criminals on the Internet at large. After you connect past the coffee shop, all security bets are off. Actually, all security bets are against you unless you have speci c protections like a VPN to connect back to your destination.
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464 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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Figure 17-13: The least you can do is turn on Internet connection rewall.
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Verify that your laptop wireless con guration pro le says you re in Infrastructure mode rather than ad hoc mode. Ad hoc allows peer-to-peer connections between clients rather than going to a router or access point. That option can be helpful at times, but in a public place it allows another user to ride along on your wireless Internet connection. If you re happy with your speed and believe this is neighborly, you may not mind. If you re never happy with your sur ng speed and are more cautious, turn off ad hoc mode. You can do this on the primary con guration screen of your laptop s wireless adapter, as shown in Figure 16-5. This is a major setting, so it s always easy to nd. Be mindful of physical laptop security as well. Losing your laptop may be more expensive than losing your wallet and credit cards. Get one of the security suites that block access to your laptop hard drive and operating system until you provide the password. Then please, please don t put that password on a note stuck in your laptop case.
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