Part IV Linking Your Network Devices in .NET

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454 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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systems can be used to host such cracking tools: Linux Windows BSD Unix Macintosh (OS 9 and OSX) Java PalmOS PocketPC DOS (yes, that DOS) Want to read a real-life exploit of a WEP network The O Reilly Web site page for the book Wireless Hacks at includes a link to an article called Dispelling the Myth of Wireless Security. Written in mid-2003 about Macintosh systems, the article outlines how the author cracked his WEP-protected network in about 90 minutes. One of the most popular WEP cracking tools, AirSnort, advertises that after the software captures enough packets, it breaks the security key in less than one second. While gathering the packets, AirSnort is completely invisible to the network, because it captures packets passively. Defense: Use Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or a VPN for wireless traf c. Read 16 again for WPA details, and upgrade your wireless equipment if your network data is worth keeping private.
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Man-in-the-middle attacks
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All wireless Ethernet traf c can be captured by any eavesdropper stationed within range of the network transmissions. The man-in-the-middle hacker captures and decodes packets sent between the client and the access point during initial association. All manner of information, including the IP addresses and the network SSID, are exchanged during the initial handshaking. After the information is gathered and decrypted, the hacker can emulate another access point on a different channel. This assumes the hacker even has to decrypt the information. Hackers know that the majority of wireless network managers never turn on security protections (don t be one of them). When done sitting close to a client, the hacker can persuade the client s network adapter to reassociate to the new faux access point. Then the client and the server/router believe they both are still connected to each other, but they aren t. The intervening hacker now can see all the data packets owing between the two nodes, including all network resource login sequences. Defense: VPN connections or strong authentication processes such those as included with WPA can stop a bogus access point from being accepted.
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17 Avoiding Wireless Eavesdropping and Hacking
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The VPN discussion in 16 included ways that modern Windows operating systems and VPN providers start the encryption immediately. In addition, authentication controls on the wireless access point refuse communication if the client device isn t listed in the user database. Two excellent protective measures, and both are free with the wireless products.
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Media access control attacks
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Media Access Control (MAC) addresses can be cracked just like WEP encryption keys. That assumes the network being attacked even uses security at all, of course. After the MAC address has been gathered, hackers can spoof a valid user by presenting the authentic MAC address. They can replace the MAC address (the hardware serial number of sorts) for their network interface adapter with the MAC address from an authorized user on the network. The wireless router/access point believes the spoofed packets are coming from the authenticated device, and grants access. Defense: VPN connections ( 16) or strong authentication processes like 802.1x (coming up).
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Dictionary attacks
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Although Blanche DuBois may rely on the kindness of strangers, hackers trying dictionary attacks rely on the stupidity of network users. Every router or access point issues a challenge to which clients must respond to before being authenticated. The most common method is the demand by the access point for a username and a password from the client seeking access. When the user types the name and password, hackers can intercept them on their trip to the access point. When hackers capture that exchange, they assume the password is either really lame (like password) or that standard words are used for the password. Working of ine, an application replays that challenge and response while electronically substituting every common word in a huge database. After the application hits on the right word or combination of words, the hacker need only supply the newly found password when challenged by the router. With a simple login, the hackers have full access to the same network resources as the original client they monitored. Defense: Longer passwords that include letters and numbers (but no real words) defeat the dictionary attack. Authentication schemes, such as VPNs ( 16) and the new 802.1x mechanisms (coming up), also defeat these attacks.
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