Legal issues abound in .NET

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Legal issues abound
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There seems to be a bit of confusion about whether all of this stuff is legal, any of this stuff is legal, or if it s all illegal. On one hand, standing in a public place like the sidewalk, and receiving free Internet access through a leaky wireless network doesn t seem illegal to many people. If it is, does that mean nding a dollar on the sidewalk and picking it up is stealing The worldwide reach of the Internet confuses things even more. Many countries have few if any restrictions about intellectual property, or at least vastly different notions than the American justice system. Most laws protect property, and the taking of property is depriving the victim of the use of the property. But if I have a digital song le and you copy it, I still have my le, so I haven t been deprived. This is an argument the record companies have been ghting for years. 4 talked at length about community wireless broadband access. I personally think community wireless is wonderful, especially when people get together to extend broadband Internet access to areas underserved by commercial service providers. But community access networks buy their own Internet access and provide it to their group. Wardrivers don t, they piggyback on your Internet access. And your contract with your broadband service provider may very well not allow more than one computer connection to the Internet at a time. This means that not
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17 Avoiding Wireless Eavesdropping and Hacking
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only can a wardriver not use your connection, your spouse or children can t either (what the salesperson says doesn t matter, only the contract terms matter). Read your service provider s contract and see what you re really allowed to use. Wardrivers claim that any open network is an invitation to access the Internet. In other works, you are offering a gesture of friendliness and goodwill, as you would offer a traveler a drink. But is it your water to offer Read your contract to see if that s a noble offer or violation. And if all the wardrivers and warchalkers were noble and honorable, what a wonderful world it would be. But the world contains con artists, identity thieves, burglars, muggers, swindlers, and others who often make modern life painful. Leave the legal arguments to lawyers sipping brandy and discoursing at their club. If you want to protect your home and business, you better protect your wireless network. Perhaps it s a cold way to look at the world, but the number of noble and trustworthy fellow travelers seems to be dwindling. Like President Reagan said: Trust, but verify. Use veri cation and security on your network, so you can trust those who are using it in your home and business.
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Common Wireless Hack Attacks
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There are well-known weaknesses in wireless network hardware and software products, particularly products shipped with security disabled or ports open for outsiders to access. Even worse, the Wired Equivalency Protocol limitations exist and a standard 64-bit security scheme can usually be broken within two hours, depending on the traf c volume on the network. Let me go through a list of standard wireless attacks, and show how you can defend yourself. Of course, the best defense today is Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) or a Virtual Private Network connection between all wireless clients and your network resources. Web Forms qr-codes implementation on .net
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Wired equivalency protocol cracking
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1999 was the year Wired Equivalency Protocol (WEP) became part of the 802.11 standard. The joy of an encryption scheme lasted only a short while once the vulnerabilities became known. Because it uses a static key, WEP encryption can be broken by a variety of available tools. The trick for the hacker is to passively capture enough packets to gather enough of the Initialization Vector (IV) packets to isolate the random number used by the WEP encryption scheme. These packets are sent unencrypted, making their capture and decoding even easier. How available are the tools needed to crack your WEP encryption At one Web site, the software page lists almost 40 applications. The following operating
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