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At the wireless router
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Creating the WEP key has gotten easier, so there s no excuse not to have at least WEP enabled on your network. In Figure 16-7, you can see the process underway on the Linksys WRV54G Wireless-G router shown earlier in the book.
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16 Wireless Security in Depth
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Figure 16-7: Use a 16-character phrase and generate your keys.
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For the 64-bit security setting (WEP has 128-bit security because the U.S. Government has relaxed some of the security export rules) a 16-character phrase will be turned into four 10-character hexadecimal keys. Hexadecimal is Base 16, so after 0-9 letters take the place of the next numbers, making A-F numbers in this part of high school math you and I both forgot. After lling out the passphrase all I had to do was click the Generate command button and the four keys were inserted into the proper places. Each client must transmit exactly the same key expected by the router or the packets will be rejected.
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Encryption keys are used in an algorithm to decrypt messages. The longer the key, the more secure. Key lengths have grown over time because faster computers can encrypt and decrypt messages more quickly because of their increased number crunching abilities. Keys of 40 bits (64-bit keys including the overhead) took weeks to break on old computers in the 70s takes hours today. Hence the move up to 128-bit, 256-bit, 512-bit, and 1024-bit keys and beyond. The increase in processing time to encrypt and decrypt is far below the time needed by someone trying to crack the code and identify the key.
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One handy way to rotate keys (a good idea in the security biz) is to pick a day every week or two and move from Key 1 to Key 2 and so forth. If someone has cracked your network, changing the key will close the door. After the fourth key has been used, issue a new passphrase and start with new keys. If you get wireless gear that doesn t include the passphrase option, you ll have to create your own hexadecimal keys. Not too hard, but you have to remember the rules and make keys with exactly 10 characters.
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428 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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At the wireless client
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Using the 128-bit WEP encryption improves your security pro le considerably. Figure 16-8 shows the ZyXel USB wireless client WEP encryption screen. Notice there is room for a 32-character passphrase.
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Figure 16-8: Here you can use a 32-character passphrase.
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Using the longer WEP key improves your security enough to make using WEP really worthwhile. Sure it can still be broken, but if hackers want your business records that badly they can probably get all they need by going through your dumpster at night. Data security threats never rest. More business secrets go out in the trash from most companies than ever go over the wireless network. Again, your client and router must match exactly or your packets will be shunted off into the void somewhere. You may nd them with the socks your drier eats, but that s only a theory. Simple rule: activate WEP on your network. Clients and routers must match exactly to communicate. Change your keys regularly. The newer client and router con guration tools make all this much easier than ever before.
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16 Wireless Security in Depth
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Media Access Control Filtering
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You may remember way, way back in the discussions about Ethernet interface cards that every Ethernet card in the world has a unique MAC address. MAC stands for Media Access Control, but you can think of this as a serial number for every Ethernet card. A central numbering authority issues each Ethernet adapter vendor a unique company identi er, and the company then keeps track of every MAC address in its address range. It s a nice, neat system that provides some excellent security advantages when used correctly. Imagine the wireless router checked each incoming packet for a ngerprint, and it had to be the ngerprint of your client device or the packet would be rejected. The MAC functions as that ngerprint. You can think of it as a hardware-based serial number if you prefer. Again, newer con guration screens make your life much easier. The Netgear WGT624 lists each active workstation connected to the router and allows you to enter the MAC address, along with a device name (de ned on the computer in the operating system) with a single click. Figure 16-9 shows this handy screen.
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