Wireless Connection Options in .NET

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15 Wireless Connection Options
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Besides all these carefully reasoned explanations, understand that this is a competitive market with several major players working to increase their market share. Pricing is one of the easiest changes they can make, so special deals come and go regularly. New products constantly force lower prices on their predecessors, so if you can nd last year s product the savings may be substantial.
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Placing your router
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The standard location for your router is right beside your cable/DSL modem. Either your router or your cable/DSL modem (or both) will probably include an Ethernet patch cable. Use the patch cable to connect the cable/DSL modem to your router. But standard doesn t mean mandatory. You can place your router quite a distance away using longer 10/100Base-T twisted pair Ethernet cables or even a HomePlug bridge between your cable/DSL modem and your router. These options become important when your broadband service provider puts your cable/DSL termination point in a spot convenient for them rather than convenient for you. Installation technicians put cable/DSL modems in strange spots. One of my neighbors has his cable modem, and his router, in the master bedroom closet. For some bizarre reason, that s where the cable connection wound up. You will almost never have to touch your router after it s up and running. The only times you may have to touch it are when you add or subtract a new device to the router or you have to reboot the router because your broadband service has gotten confused and you need to reset everything. These situations won t happen often for the lucky but may happen daily for the unlucky. Con guration screens for routers are accessed via a browser to the router s internal Web server. You can be anywhere on the network, or anywhere in the world in some cases, and still con gure the router.
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Client connection hardware
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Most people consider clients to be their own workstations, and that s the typical use. In this situation, however, a client will be anything connected to your network. If you have a network device, it s a client. Backup server Client. Small business server appliance Client. Clients have these options for Ethernet or wireless network adapter connections: Desktops almost always have an Ethernet port on the motherboard. Desktops have a Peripheral Component Interconnect (PCI) slot inside the machine for a PCI Ethernet or wireless network interface adapter card. Desktops almost always have a Universal Serial Bus (USB) connector. Laptops (especially newer ones) may have 802.11b built in (Intel s Centrino chipset).
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406 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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Laptops almost always have an Ethernet port. Laptops almost always have a PC card slot for network interface cards. Laptops almost always have a USB connector. Figure 15-5 shows the three types of client adapters in a nice concise display.
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Figure 15-5: Your three choices for client adapters.
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Network appliances always include at least one 10/100Base-T twisted pair Ethernet connection. Some of them, in particular server appliances, also include wireless connection options. The Taurus server appliance from Procom Technologies comes from a company that makes many storage products, and half the time it advertises that box as a wireless storage appliance. But it includes routing, Web and e-mail servers, and a variety of other features as you can see in Figure 15-6. The Taurus server has a very handy LCD screen on the front. Unlike a few other products with a screen, you can actually make con guration changes through the screen and front-panel buttons. Toshiba s Magnia server line also includes wireless support as an option, but its Web site redesign makes it impossible to nd the page describing the Magnia servers. Sorry, Toshiba, but I can t nd a good screenshot.
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