Wireless Connection Options in .NET

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Wireless Connection Options
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Getting a grasp on wireless Choosing your wireless products Positioning wireless components Protecting your wireless communications
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n the last chapter we covered wires, so this chapter covers nonwires, or wireless. Plenty of folks love the wireless connections on their networks, and plenty more folks can bene t from understanding how to construct a network with at least some wireless components. Yet just like the different types of wires discussed in the previous chapter, wireless products have a variety of standards, applications, strengths, and weaknesses. Knowing which wireless products best t your network situation will mean smoother installation, increased security, and more productivity when the network is up and running.
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Wireless Advantages Inside Your Building
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All during the last chapter you heard about easier ways to run wires around your home or of ce. What if you didn t have any wires to run anywhere What if everything worked as easily as turning on your radio to hear music That s where everyone in the technology business wants to get to, I guarantee you. After all, most developers leave home in the morning by turning a key in their car s ignition without any clue how to tweak, adjust, or con gure anything in their car except the radio. And how wonderful is the radio Turn it on and you get music, anywhere you drive. Smaller ones t into your pocket and give you music, news, weather, and sports without a single wire to trip over.
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390 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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Yes, wireless advantages are marvelous for many users, but sometimes people get a little carried away. They tell you how wonderful it is that they can put a wireless access point at the top of their warehouse ceiling and network the entire place. But did they mention having to plug that wireless access point into a power outlet Okay, the wireless access point depends on (power line) wires. But the connections between that device and the network clients use no wires whatsoever. Go to a warehouse sometime and look at a forklift. Know what you ll probably see A wireless terminal on the forklift talking to the network and an inventory application somewhere telling the forklift driver where to nd the next product to move to the shipping dock. The previous chapter mentioned the advantages for wireless connections in buildings with barriers to new wire installations, such as historically signi cant sites. Architectural barriers create problems as well. The vaulted atrium between wings of a building, for example, may require hundreds of feet of 10/100Base-T twisted pair Ethernet to reach around the opening. That may all be eliminated by using wireless connections. Someday, my friend Art will no longer be able to ask his horseless carriage question. When did we stop calling a car a horseless carriage, or a network without wires a wireless network When will we stop distinguishing between a network connection over copper and one over radio waves When will we just call it all networking and not worry about the details anymore Sorry, Art, but I think that s a few more years away. However, many home and small business users can approach their network design with the exibility and mobility wireless networking provides. When wireless won t work, then you can pull out the HomePlug or CAT-5 cable and go back to copper.
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Wireless Standards Overview
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Standards drive the computer business, and today, the big companies drive the standards. That works to your bene t, however, as companies can beat the standards products out the door with products that are technically proprietary but usually pretty close to the upcoming standard. The wireless world follows this model more than many areas in the technology world. Not only do companies have to work with each other to develop the standards, they have to coordinate with governments about which radio frequencies are available. In the United States, there have been several spectrum auctions for the cellular phone world. It hasn t come to that for wireless networking yet, but the scramble for licensed and unlicensed spectrum (range of radio frequencies) can get pretty intense at times. Developing, coordinating, and managing the standards for most wireless networking products fall into the domain of the Institute of Electronics
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