Typical Web Page Download Speeds in .NET

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Typical Web Page Download Speeds
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An interesting note from broadband provider NTL.com in England shows how long it takes to download a typical Web page (50 Kbps in the example). Here s how they break it down:
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56 Kbps modem: 7.9 seconds 128 Kbps broadband: 3.5 seconds 600 Kbps broadband: 0.7 seconds 1024 Kbps broadband: 0.4 seconds
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Nice dovetail with our TI study conclusions, isn t it If you get broadband download speeds of at least 1 Mbps, most pages update in less than a half second.
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Now you can justify the cost of broadband to your spouse by saying that faster speeds mean fewer breaks in concentration, which means you ll nish on the computer faster than ever before. (Let me know if your spouse falls for that rationalization.)
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Nothing interrupts your time on the computer more than a pop-up window demanding you stop what you re doing to download a le, update, virus de nition, or browser plug-in. Windows users see these computing roadblocks
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1 Why You Need Broadband Internet Access
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constantly, but Microsoft can t be blamed for all the interruptions. Here s a quick list of interruption requests on my systems recently: Windows automatic update les (okay, I can blame Microsoft for this one) QuickTime browser plug-in update (from Apple for equal time) Mozilla plug-in update for Macromedia Flash Player Real Player update Norton virus de nition les Each interruption demands that you stop and download a le or les. Sometimes, for example with a browser plug-in, it takes just a minute or two. With Microsoft and other operating system les, it can take hours to download a weekly update package. The same can happen if you download an update to your browser or one of your multimedia players. I get more aggravated by the 3-minute interruption and download than the half-hour ones. When you know it will be 30 minutes, you can start the download and go do something else. You can take advantage of being forced from your seat at the computer by wandering around for a few minutes and grabbing a snack. But when I m searching for something on the Web and one of those le download boxes appears and makes me slam to a stop, I curse and glare at the monitor until I can escape from the trap and go back to my search. With broadband, however, the downloads arrive in a fraction of the time that they do with a dial-up connection. What used to be a 3-minute distraction is now a 30-second annoyance. Of course, when downloads, such as patches for your operating system estimate they will take 30 minutes to download over a dial-up line, the broadband user can laugh. Table 1-1 lists le download times, and you can see that downloading a le that takes 30 minutes to dribble down a dial-up line takes 5 minutes over a broadband connection. Vendors now like you to download a small (under 1MB) le that triggers an update download of the other 99MBs or whatever. The rst time or two I got fooled by this it really steamed me. I downloaded the 1MB le and installed that, only to see the newly installed application begin the real work of downloading for what seemed like 24 hours. With broadband, I get up and start looking for a snack because the download and installation will probably take 15 20 minutes. With dialup, my computer is hosed for the evening and I want to threaten the computer with a baseball bat. As more companies move toward constant updates for security and operating system patches, these interruptions will increase. Vendors want users to get broadband service because it makes it easier on them and because they can keep stuf ng those large updates down the pipe to users.
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