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14 Wired Connection Options
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Figure 14-9: One of the most popular brands, the Linksys Instant PowerLine Etherfast 10/100 Bridge.
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All the early HomePlug units looked more or less like the Linksys in Figure 14-9. Some are plastic, like the Linksys, and some are metal. But second versions got small as the market increased, manufacturing volume picked up, and new components shrank and designers made custom chips that incorporated the functions of several earlier chips, reducing the size of the electronics. The results of these advances mean smaller units provide more exible mounting options. One of the later entrants into the market, Netgear, now sells a very sleek and small wall-mounted HomePlug unit. Take a look at the wall-wart XE102 Wall-Plugged Ethernet Bridge in Figure 14-10.
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Figure 14-10: The new look of second generation HomePlug devices, this one from Netgear.
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382 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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Crowded of ce oors behind desks, where cables come from all directions and emulate spaghetti, will have one less device to entangle. Sure you must run a cable to this, but at least the cable won t terminate somewhere on the oor into a box half-hidden by other cables. You do have to give up a real wall socket, sometimes a precious commodity, but plug strips are cheap even if you do the right thing and buy one with surge protection. Plug that into the other wall socket and you re in business again. Neighbors, at least those within about 900 feet and within the same electrical wiring from the distribution transformer, will see your signals. Most HomePlug devices now offer 56-bit encryption. This level won t stop determined hackers, but will stop your neighbors from reading the shared les on your network. That assumes, however, that you have turned the encryption on by putting the same password in all your connected HomePlug units. And I always recommend good passwords for all shared network resources, HomePlug passwords or not.
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HomePlug and Ethernet
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HomePlug devices aspire to be invisible, if not physically, at least electronically. When your computer connects to a HomePlug unit instead of a wiring hub, router, or switch, your computer should never know the difference. For the most part, HomePlug works invisibly. The primary network design shown by most HomePlug vendors is one device at your router by your cable/DSL modem, and a second device at a convenient location for another computer, such as a child s room or the den. In fact, some early products only worked with two HomePlug devices on the network. Now you can have up to 16 HomePlug devices in one network. Notice that in Figures 14-9 and 14-10, both products called themselves bridges. That s in keeping with the idea that the HomePlug device bridges your Ethernet network over the electrical wiring and delivers your packets back to your Ethernet network as if nothing happened. You know, just like a bridge over a river connects the road on either side. Sometimes electronic nomenclature steals directly from the real world, and this is one of those times. Interference does cause problems to HomePlug devices. Every time an electrical motor starts up, it inserts an enormous amount of noise on the electrical line. Ever turned on a vacuum and thought the lights dimmed for a second They did, because the vacuum noise on the line disrupted the electrical ow at startup and the new load of the vacuum motor dragged down the voltage as well. HomePlug uses spread spectrum frequencies to handle interference, just like wireless Ethernet in the next chapter. When something new adds to the noise on the electrical circuits, the HomePlug devices hop around the frequencies looking for clear frequencies to use. That search and hop disrupts data transmission speed.
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14 Wired Connection Options
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A Web site with many HomePlug products gathered together for comparison and online sale is www.HomePlugs.net. Fewer available frequencies means slower transmissions. HomePlug is rate adaptive, another term for the process of looking around to nd new transmission frequencies when one disappears because of interference. But one of the ways to nd clear space on the circuit is to lower the data transmission speed.
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