Where to use wireless in .NET

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Where to use wireless
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If you re a creature of habit and love wireless, you probably look to use wireless connections before wired connections. That s ne with me. Wireless device options give network designers, even those worried about designing a home network, wonderful exibility. Here are some places you really
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370 Part IV Linking Your Network Devices
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want to use wireless: In historical homes and buildings where drilling holes in the walls and oors requires permission from oversight groups and diminishes the historical avor of the site When architectural barriers (glass bricks, a cement wall) make wiring impractical By your pool in the back yard In your treehouse The cost of adding wireless connections to an existing wired network does not include construction and remodeling. That s one of the great advantages to wireless networking: you can easily add it to your existing wired network.
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Twisted Pair (10 and 100Base-T) Ethernet Wiring
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For most of the network world, twisted pair wiring is Ethernet wiring. That s because 10Base-T became the standard for convenient Ethernet wiring before the World Wide Web and Internet took off. Those of you who jumped into the world of the Internet after about 1993 have no clue how much pain and aggravation twisted pair wiring saves you when you run cabling anywhere. First, however, you need to understand just a little about Ethernet and how it works. There were many other types of network transmission systems in the 1980s and early 1990s, but Ethernet won over them all. Let me explain how and why this happened.
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A quick overview of Ethernet
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Let me describe a problem much like that facing some people today: a new employee was told to gure out a way for coworkers to share a new, expensive laser printer. The difference This was in 1972, for the Alto personal computer developed by Xerox, for a newly developed one-page-per-minute laser printer. Dr. Robert (Bob) Metcalfe, a newly minted Ph.D. from Harvard and MIT, went to work. For the rst time ever, there were more than one or two huge computers in the building. There were dozens of small computers that actually t on desks (and used graphical screens with windows and a mouse, but that s another book). Ethernet developed over the next several years until by 1979 it ran at 10 Mbps and many of the details were set and ready for commercial use. Here are two of the details that matter today for your home or small business network: Ethernet uses a shared-bus architecture. That means one electrical circuit connects all the stations on the network, like one subway connects all the stations.
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14 Wired Connection Options
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Ethernet uses a method of determining when data packets collide on the network because two devices send a signal that overlaps called Carrier Sense Multiple Access Collision Detection (CSMA/CD). The rst bullet seems simple, but includes an important concept. Any device on the network can see and send or receive packets to and from, any other device. That means there is no central authority deciding which device can send a packet at what time. The second bullet seems complicated, but is actually simple. Because every device on the network can hear every other device, they all listen for a period of silence before sending a packet. Imagine a group meeting where people wait until no one else is talking, to start talking themselves. That process works great unless two people start talking at the same time. Similarly, when two devices put data packets on the network at the same time, they mash together and garble each other. In fact, that s what happens in the meeting, too. Just like the bored meeting attendees, the Ethernet devices wait a random number of milliseconds before trying to talk on the network again. As you ll see in the wiring sections coming next, modern twisted pair Ethernet does not look like a single network with all devices on the same string. But that s what it is, at least electrically.
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