Backup and Disaster Recovery in .NET

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13 Backup and Disaster Recovery
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Figure 13-8: A combo system: backup and remote sharing device, the Mirra Personal Server.
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Notice in Figure 13-10 all the folder icons have a small red dot in their bottom-left corner. It s red, trust me, and it mirrors the round red Mirra logo. Even when you run local folder tools, such as My Computer, the red dot on the folder appears. This way you always know which folders are backed up by Mirra and which aren t. See the File and Folder Tasks window in the bottom-left of the Mirra screen There, you can perform the following operations: View les in this folder: Drill down in the folders to nd the individual le if you need. Copy folder to new location: A useful feature in all good back-up software, this function enables you to copy a folder from the Mirra
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344 Part III Moving from Standalone PCs to a Network
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Figure 13-9: Mirra Personal Server s main screen.
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Figure 13-10: Backup and Restore screen for the Mirra Personal Server.
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13 Backup and Disaster Recovery
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to your local computer, even if the folder was backed up from a different computer. You can t copy les or folders to network disks, however. Share this folder: Send an e-mail invitation to someone to access this folder over the Internet. Purge deleted les from this folder: Mirra holds on to deleted les so you can undelete them if you want, or you can clear them for more disk space. Purge old versions of this le in this folder: If you need space, you can clear the eight older versions of les kept by Mirra, folder by folder. Open this folder in Windows: If this folder is from your computer, you can click this to pop open a Windows Explorer window of this folder from your local hard disk. At the of ce and need a le from home Traveling and need a spreadsheet to keep track of your expenses from the of ce Your Mirra Personal Server makes this simple. Figure 13-11 shows the remote part of the Mirra Personal Server. Over the Internet, you can connect to the Mirra Web site, give your name and password, and they will fetch the le information from your Mirra Personal Server.
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Figure 13-11: Remote access over the Web for the Mirra Personal Server.
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Notice something interesting about this Files list. Remember I said that Mirra tracks deleted or updated les for eight versions Notice there are two Ch2.htm
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346 Part III Moving from Standalone PCs to a Network
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les, and the second one is marked (deleted) in the le listing. You can undelete and download that le if necessary. The others are available for immediate download, so that expense spreadsheet you need is only a few clicks away with a Mirra Personal Server. As cool as this product is, there are some caveats. This product does not make it easy to store your backed up data sets offsite. You can, for example, download all your data from a remote location using the Mirra remote connection, but that s a manual process and must happen one downloaded le at a time. That s not good enough to be a reliable offsite back-up mechanism. You can t treat this like a typical network attached storage device, either. The only way you can get les to the Mirra is to declare the folder for backup today and forever. Doable, but it requires extra steps. The good part is that the Mirra Personal Server, at least in the spring of 2004, is priced comparably or less than any other network attached storage device. So you get most of what a NAS device gives you, but you also get the easy remote access through any Web browser from anywhere on the Internet. RocketVault The RocketVault from IntraDyn, Inc., ( sets a new high standard for small network backup appliances. (See Figure 13-12.) This is, at least in my opinion, the rst and best back-up device a company can get from the time they have three computers networked together until they have hundreds.
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