Pros and cons of back-up options in .NET

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Pros and cons of back-up options
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Wouldn t it be wonderful if all back-up options worked great for all users, regardless of circumstances And if the Easter Bunny left Faberge eggs Unfortunately, the rst assertion is just as fanciful as the second. What works great for one back-up situation may be terrible for another. Relying on your neighbor s stock pick from his insider friends will cost you less money, in the long run, than trusting your neighbor s back-up system to work for you. Back-up system decisions involve a mix of the following considerations: Cost Speed Lifespan of media Backup le availability for restoration Number of systems to back up Offsite storage plan Disaster recovery needs The trick is to nd your perfect back-up system in the range of product options available. There are far more options than you have the time or money to investigate, I promise, so let me help you narrow down your choices.
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Your decision points
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How many computers do you have Simple problem: the more computers to back up, the more complicated the backup becomes, and the fewer back-up options you have.
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1 5 (2 points) 6 20 (10 points) 21 50 (20 points) 50+ (50 points)
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How much total data do you have to back up The more data, the more resources. 5 points puts you out of the CD-ROM burner category into tape or separate hard disk products.
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Under 600MBs (2 points) 600MB 2GBs (5 points)
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332 Part III Moving from Standalone PCs to a Network
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2GBs 10GBs (10 points) 10GBs 100GBs (20 points) 100GBs and more (25 points)
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How much time can the total backup take If time is not a problem you have more options. If time is critical, such as needing a backup completed in less than an hour, you move out of the tape, CD-ROM, and online products into hard disk products.
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Overnight (2 points) Less than 6 hours (5 points) Less than 2 hours (10 points) Less than 1 hour (20 points)
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Manual or automatic process Will it bother you to start the process If so, you add points.
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Manual (2 points) Automatic (10 points)
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Ease of carrying backup media offsite Offsite data storage is the most critical component of disaster planning. If you can carry a burned CD home from your small business and leave it there for safekeeping, that s wonderful. A writer friend of mine walks his dog from his home of ce to the bank where he puts tapes into a safety deposit box. Those who can do something of that nature will do their backups more regularly and store data offsite more often than others.
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Very easy (2 points) Medium easy (5 points) Dif cult (20 points)
How long can you be without your data If you accidentally erase your DOCUMENT le and click the wrong button on the recycle icon and erase the les inside rather than recover them, how long can you do without those les The sooner you must have them the more resources you must devote to keeping them close at hand.
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1 day (2 points) 4 hours (5 points) 1 hour (10 points)
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How fast must your disaster recovery be for one computer If you spill your morning coffee into the computer and get snapped to clarity by shooting sparks and a small re, how long can you wait to recreate everything you had on the old computer onto a new one
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1 day (2 points) 5 hours (5 points) 1 hour (10 points)
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13 Backup and Disaster Recovery
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How fast must your disaster recovery be for two to ten computers If the air conditioner leaks water onto your computers and fries them all, how long can you wait to recreate your systems using new hardware
2 days (10 points) 1 day (20 points) 1 afternoon (50 points)
How fast must your disaster recovery be for 11 or more computers You have some serious business back-up decisions to make. I can t help you here except to tell you to sign up with a disaster recovery service with hot site protection and co-located servers.
3 days (20 points) 1 day (50 points) 1 afternoon (100 points)