Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network in .NET

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294 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Thus developed DHCP. Supporting dynamic allocation of network addresses and support for newly attached hosts, DHCP became the successor to BOOTP. Even nicer in a world of expanding network-attached devices, DHCP includes a way to recover IP addresses no longer needed so another device can use them.
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A DHCP server is a device that provides network con guration information when queried A DHCP client is a device that broadcasts a query packet to the network asking for network con guration information.
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By 1996, DHCP was well de ned and marching through the Internet standard protocol process. Before the world of personal computers really discovered the World Wide Web, DHCP was ready to handle increased network IP addressing chores.
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What DHCP servers do
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Any number of different routers and server/storage appliances include a DHCP server. The server software isn t that complicated and provides value for all small networks, and especially when the appliance is the rst server-type device on the network. In fact, in my test lab, the following devices include a DHCP server: Every network attached storage unit Every server appliance Every wireless router Every wired router Essentially, just about every server-type device of any kind includes a DHCP server. Wiring hubs and HomePlug wiring (TCP/IP over home power connections) seem to be the exceptions. Oh, and the wireless Webcam doesn t act as a DHCP server. Maybe that will come with the next software version. The majority of DHCP servers manage the following for their clients: Provide client IP address Provide client s subnet mask Identify the default router for the network Provide other DNS or netbios settings if needed DHCP can also supply the following if tweaked: Host name Available routes Application and directory-speci c settings
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I don t want you to push the DHCP envelope, although I m not sure if you could use the tools delivered with storage and server appliances. But at least the various products display DHCP in a way that won t confuse people. The DHCP servers you will be working with provide the following to clients: IP address Subnet mask Default gateway DNS server addresses Length of time to use the address When a network device con gured as a DHCP client starts its networking connection whether that happens when booting up, when started, when restarted, or when restarting the network interface card the client sends a broadcast packet looking for a DHCP server. The server sees the packet, checks for available IP addresses, and provides one of those addresses to the client. A network can have two or more DHCP servers as long as its client IP addresses don t overlap. Using two servers on a large network provides fault tolerance and redundancy. You won t need that in your home or small business network.
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Redundancy means two independent devices performing a similar job. Fault tolerance means two or more devices connected in some manner so that their resources remain available even after a failure of one or more units.
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Some DHCP servers, even those in network appliances, offer a way to assign a particular address to a particular client. You must con gure the Media Access Control (MAC) address, the nonchangeable address set in the network interface card hardware, into the DHCP server. When the DHCP server gets a request from that device, it supplies the speci c IP address you con gured for it. This is handy in larger networks, but won t matter in a home or very small of ce setting. This feature may be called something like Address Reservation. Besides, some of the DHCP servers in the routers aimed at this market assume they are the only DHCP server and do not provide an IP address for the default gateway and automatically use their own addresses. That leads to trouble as it tells the clients the gateway to the Internet is through that router, when in fact another router actually connects to the cable/DSL modem. If you want a second DHCP server for redundancy or to provide IP addresses in two different ranges, make it one of the storage appliances that doesn t act as a gateway so it will provide the correct gateway IP address.
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