Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network in .NET

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286 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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computer. Reading this chapter from start to nish goes beyond dry. It would be considered cruel and unusual punishment, so I ll sprinkle in some snide asides here and there to relieve the technical load.
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TCP/IP Details
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Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) runs the world of networking today. By law, all networking books must have a diagram of the Seven Layer OSI model (don t ask, but it starts at the physical layer, includes software that communicates to the physical component and handles transport across the network, and the application software). Because this book doesn t have network in the title, I m going to risk it and refuse to put the diagram in here. Just think of TCP/IP as a supporting layer between the physical (wired or wireless network devices) and the application sending or receiving packets, and you ll be okay. If it sounds like TCP/IP is a long name for one protocol, that s because it s really two global networking standards. They just work together so well everyone now mashes them together. Most of the descriptions of TCP/IP focus on the IP portion. They show data streams being split into multiple packets that travel across the Internet via different routes, and even arrive at the far end out of order, forcing the receiving system to reassemble the packets to makes sense of the data. Imagine sending a letter with 100 words, by putting each word in a separate numbered envelope, and mailing that from your house to an address across the country. I have little doubt the letters would travel through different mail-carriers hands and trucks. They would not all arrive at the same time, and some letters may be lost. And the recipient would have to assemble the letter by arranging the contents based on the number of the envelope. That s how IP works. IP became the standard because it uses best-effort delivery, which is usually good enough. Besides, a best-effort delivery mechanism uses few resources at either the sending or receiving end. On the other hand, TCP guarantees the data arrives by establishing a connection between the two hosts (usually computers or routers) involved. This is like you hiring a courier to deliver a package directly to another person. The courier establishes the connection between the two of you. The TCP packets travel the same path across the Internet and arrive in the same order they left. But that guarantee carries a price on the Internet just as in real life. A rst class stamp costs far less than a courier. Even a hundred rst class stamps cost less when you factor in distance. If the courier goes across town, it s expensive. If a dedicated courier goes across the country, faithfully carrying your package in hand all the way, the cost will be outrageous. Tying together the two endpoints, along with the route between them, takes resources from many systems.
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12 What You Need to Know About TCP/IP Networks
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Why are people excited by phone calls over the Internet Because a typical phone call works like TCP, making a connection between the caller and called. But phone calls over the Internet (VoIP for Voice over Internet Protocol) use IP and best effort, counting on the fact that a few dropped or out-of-sequence packets won t ruin the call quality. This reduces resources needed and means cheaper phone calls with acceptable quality.
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TCP/IP isn t necessarily the best protocol in the networking world, but it won the popularity contest for a variety of good reasons. It offers robust networking over huge networks. Other protocols offer that as well, but TCP/IP offers ways for devices to join networks without needing to have their addresses listed in an authentication database of any central server. This method eliminates the types of bottlenecks (overloaded authentication servers) that can choke networks.
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