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Sharing resources
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Windows XP makes it easy to share resources, perhaps too easy. That s why I m glad Microsoft now includes a link for users to learn more about security and
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282 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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sharing in the screen where shares are created. I just hope people read that extra section if they re a little unsure about what they re sharing or why. On a Windows XP system, right-click a folder (directory for some of us), and choose Sharing and Security from the context menu. The Properties dialog box opens, titled with the folder name (Broadband Properties in Figure 11-25).
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Figure 11-25: Right-click a folder and click Sharing and Security; then pick your option.
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Windows XP still clings to the idea that multiple users may be accessing this computer, so the top section explains local sharing and privacy. Quaint, but still possibly useful. The Network sharing and security section makes it easy to share the folder with one click. You can see in Figure 11-25 the cursor pointing to the Allow network users to change my les check box. In other words, shares are read-only unless you explicitly set them to read/write. This looks nice and easy, but it s a step backward in security control. Windows 2000 offers more security over the les shared inside the folder, and even Windows 9x/ME asks for passwords immediately. Take a look at Figure 11-26 and see what Windows 2000 offers as way of security on shared les.
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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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Figure 11-26: Sharing with an extra security step.
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Windows 2000 enables you to limit the number of users that can access the shared resource. Interesting, but it probably won t be an issue in your home or small business. But after I clicked the Permissions command button, the extra window (on the right) opened and I have more options. Want to add a single user who can access to read, but not change, the les Windows 2000 allows you to do that. So do most of the storage and server appliances in the book discussed earlier. That may be a problem with Windows XP, however, so be careful there. The Kanguru iNAS-100 network attached storage device (with included router) shows a nice representation of assigning access rights. Figure 11-27 shows the screen, and shows that everyone has access to the Public share. Kanguru lists options as Full access (read/write), Read-Only, and Deny access. Normally, you don t need to specify Deny access because everyone not allowed by name or group is automatically denied. But if you have someone you want to block from something, and that person is a member of a group with access to that resource, you can deny access individually, although retaining the same pro le for the group.
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284 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Figure 11-27: Sharing a Kanguru.
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First, upgrade your system. Then get a router with Network Address Translation. Then have fun. Then you wake up. Windows operating systems older than Windows 2000 have more security holes and require more effort to con gure and secure than you probably want to spend. Upgrade if at all possible. Every networked computer should be secured appropriately with the network situation. The more people on your network, the more need for passwords to guard network resources. No networked computer is really secure. The best you can do is to close all the obvious security holes, keep your Microsoft operating system updated, and use a router with Network Address Translation and a good rewall.
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What You Need to Know About TCP/IP Networks and Routing
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Understanding TCP/IP Understanding routing packets Providing IP addresses Finding hosts Translating addresses for security Blocking outsiders Con guring network game access
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ou re going to have an interesting situation when you get more than one computer ready to connect to your broadband access point. You will have to use the same type of networking protocols, software, and con guration routines used by the biggest companies and universities powering the Internet. But you need to know only enough to make your small network run properly. The key points for this chapter are: Networking protocols (often called the protocol stack), which provide a standardized way for any type of network device to talk to any other type of network device, without the user or application knowing the details. Networking software, most TCP/IP commands, that interface with the networking protocols so developers can network their applications. Address management to ensure every IP address on your network is unique. How Network Address Translation hides your internal IP addresses from the world. How rewalls leverage TCP/IP software access points to keep your network safe. This chapter, even more than the previous one, is a reference chapter. Dip in where you need to get the answer you need, and get back to playing with your
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