What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking in .NET

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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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use. No problem. Want to put a dedicated IP address for the Xandros system instead Again, no problem (more details about why to do that in 12).
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Using Shared Resources
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It seems I ve spent the bulk of this chapter telling you to disable shared resources. Yet sharing resources de nes the essence of networking. But Microsoft s security for shared resources in the workgroup does not stand up against Internet hackers, so I must nag on and on about separating your local network from the network hookup to your broadband service provider. Now let me show you how to share those resources, nd the ones available, and make repeatable connections for later use.
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Finding and linking to shares
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Finding shared resources doesn t take much work at all: Click My Network Places or Network Neighborhood (Windows 9x/ME) and all the shared documents and shared folders will appear. Figure 11-22 gives a look at one of my lab networks.
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Figure 11-22: Click My Network Places in the Start menu and here you are.
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You can set your display to show the listing in various ways, but the view in Figure 11-22 seemed the best way to show the shared folders in enough detail to
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280 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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be visible. Can you see the difference between the third icon from the top in the left line versus the other icons That one indicates shared documents. Ten of the 12 icons represent server or storage appliances rather than other computers. The 10 icons come from six different appliances, so you can have more than one share per device. Two icons represent other personal computers. Can you tell the difference Not without reading the names you can t. You can nd some network shared resources in the My Computer screen as well. Figure 11-23 shows a My Computer listing for a Windows XP Home system. Notice the bottom icon on the screen The one labeled Network Drives
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Figure 11-23: Making shared resources look like local drives.
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The trick to making a shared resource appear in the My Computer listing rather than just the My Network Places is to map a drive letter to that shared le resource. Just as your main hard drive is (usually) Drive C and your CD-ROM drive is (usually) Drive D, you can assign a letter to be a network shared folder as well. This is simple to do, and you start from the My Computer screen if you want (or any other screen with the Tools menu item). Selecting Tools Map Network Drive opens the small window in the left side of Figure 11-24, and clicking the Browse command button next to the Folder eld opens the Browse for Folder dialog box shown on the right of the screenshot.
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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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Figure 11-24: Map a drive via Start My Computer Tools Map Network Drive.
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In a network with multiple server or storage appliances, you may be listed as a different user on one or another shared resource. For example, a network attached storage device for use by everyone may have a default username (guest) and password (password) to make connections easy. Another network attached storage device may be more restricted, and you ll need a speci c name and password. If this happens, you will have to tell that resource who you are and your password. Windows will save the information to make connection easier the next time. The dialog box to map a network drive allows you to login with a different name and password if necessary. You can have as many mapped drives as you have alphabet letters available.
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Tech Bits
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Old Timer Alert: Mapped drives like this show up in the DOS window (or at Windows command prompt) and as a local link in the Folders display. If you remember what the command prompt looks like, and use it now and then, the mapped drive letters come in handy. Type NET USE at the command prompt to see your connections, and those with mapped drive letters will use those letters in the display.
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