What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking in .NET

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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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Figure 11-8: Improve your security by disabling TCP/IP for workgroup connections.
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as a client for Microsoft Networks. Uncheck both boxes, and you ll make your Windows 9x/ME safer from outsiders. Notice the description in the Network dialog box to the left of the TCP/IP Properties dialog box The description, as shown in Figure 11-8, reads, TCP/IP is the protocol you use to connect to the Internet and wide-area networks. Does that mention local shared folders No it does not. Reach this dialog box by clicking Start Settings Control Panel Network Interface Card Properties, and then click the Bindings tab. Repeat this process for every interface connection that reaches the Internet, including any AOL adapters in the Network Con guration list of installed network components. Because this is Windows 9x/ME, you will have to reboot to make the changes stick.
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Turn off le sharing
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When you re ready to share les, get a server or storage appliance like the ones discussed in 10. Then put the appliance on your private network on the inside of a router. If you re not ready to do that, at least turn off le sharing on your Window 9x/ME computer. Refer to Figure 11-7. Notice the two check boxes Make sure the top one, I want to be able to give others access to my les is cleared. You can share your printer with the world, if you want. It s your paper.
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262 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Setting passwords for le sharing
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Because you don t want to turn off le sharing, or really can t, let me show you how to set passwords to keep those resources at least slightly safer. Figure 11-9 shows the screen where you set passwords for an individual shared resource. You must con gure passwords for each and every shared le resource. Get to this screen by right-clicking the folder to share then choose Sharing.
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Figure 11-9: Pick the way you want to share this folder.
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Figure 11-9 shows the Properties page for My Documents, but it could just as easily show any other folder you wish to share. You can drill down to the folder to be shared, or share an entire disk drive if you want. When you nd the folder (or disk) to share, right-click the item to open the context menu. Sharing is about halfway down the list. Give a better name than My Documents to the share in the example to distinguish it from the My Documents folders all Windows operating systems include. Comments are optional. Notice under Access Type you have three choices: Read-Only, Full, and Depends on Password. This selection makes pretty good sense. If you grant users read-only access, they can view and copy your les in the folder but can t mess them up. Full access, or read/write access, allows all those with the password to fold, spindle, and mutilate your les to their heart s content. Use real passwords, not just quick and dirty passwords.
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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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Figure 11-10: Setting your security comfort level for sur ng with Internet Explorer.
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Tighten Internet Explorer
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The world of Web sites became a mine eld over the last two years. Clever hackers started running applications within visiting Web browser software to infect the computer. Yes, now even looking at a Web site can cause problems. And unfortunately, a NAT layer won t help. Hackers use ActiveX components or Java applets to attack your browser. You can turn off these internal settings to block their use or at least prompt you to allow ActiveX or a Java script on a site you trust. Figure 11-10 shows the Settings page. On the Internet Explorer menu, choose Tools Internet Options Security Custom Level. You want to set the following to either Disable or Prompt (scroll down to nd them all): Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting Run ActiveX controls and plug-ins Active Scripting Scripting of Java applets Depending on the types of sites you visit on the Web, you may prefer setting everything to Prompt rather than Disable. That way you can see how often, and
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