Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network in .NET

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250 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Most of the broadband connection options discussed in this book require an Ethernet network connection. Windows 98 and even Windows 95 systems often included Ethernet connection support on their motherboards, so you should have one. If you don t, you can get an Ethernet adapter, or use a USB connection. Your choices are limited if you must use USB for your network connection, but they are available. Assuming your PC has a USB port supported by the operating system, of course. You can always try something new to extend the life of your older PC running Windows 98: Linux. A Linux desktop operating system will run faster on older hardware than will a comparable Windows operating system. You can get a Linux operating system, which usually includes enough software to equal a full copy of Microsoft Of ce as well as a Windows XP-comparable operating system, for $30 $100 depending on the vendor.
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Con guring Windows 95/98/ME for Networking
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Okay, you didn t succumb to the lure of a new computer or even a new operating system because you re happy with what you have. That s ne. I will use Windows 98 for examples because that s the operating system in largest use between the three options I m covering in this section. Some reports claim 25 percent of home users are still on Windows 98, and millions of corporate computers also lag behind. The good news is that Windows 9x/ME operating systems are designed to be user systems only and don t include many server-type applications. That means those server-type holes causing problems on other operating systems don t exist to be abused on a Windows 9x/ME system. The three ways to compromise these systems are as follows: Change con guration remotely Trick the user (you) into running a malicious program Get physical access to the system Of the three, I m going to ignore the third option. Anyone hostile, who gets physical access to your computer, will probably steal it. That means you ll be able to upgrade your system by replacing it with the insurance money, and you can skip ahead to the Windows XP section.
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Basic network settings
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Windows does a pretty good job of setting up basic network access when you install the software if there s an active network connection during installation. But those settings don t take into account the modern aspects of broadband access to the Internet and the climate of viruses and hackers today.
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11 What You Need to Know About Desktop Networking
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You need a password on your computer when you attach it to the Internet. No excuses. You need a password. Password creation is a science, not an art. You want hackers to struggle enough to uncover your password they give up and go to the next potential victim. All personal computer passwords can be broken with enough time, but hackers tend to be impatient and won t spend hours attacking your system when the next one they hit may have a password of no or something equally worthless. Figure 11-1 shows the Password Properties and Change Password dialog boxes in Windows 98 (Start Control Panel Passwords Change Passwords). See the asterisks in place of letters That s to hide the password from people looking over your shoulder. Guess the developers who started that trend of using asterisks never gured that if someone stood over your shoulder they could just watch your ngers when you typed your password.
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Figure 11-1: Changing from a password from NO to something more secure.
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If you re the only one in the house or of ce using the computer, you may not want to use a password, and you can get away with that security breach. People with coworkers or children tend to be a bit more paranoid. Smart parents make themselves the only user with administrator privileges on their computers and put good passwords in place. Many applications require a user with administrator privileges to install them, which won t be a problem if you have only one user that accesses everything. Multiple user systems with only one administrator require an extra step. When children need to install
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