Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network in .NET

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230 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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Figure 10-10: User control for the Kanguru NAS.
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Figure 10-11: User setup and optional con guration details.
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10 Server and Storage Options
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Comment: Not all systems have this, but it s handy when you have more users to manage. Password: The best passwords have at least seven characters, including numbers, letters, and symbols like $ or *. Private folder: This option is not available on all systems, but gives each user a private space on the storage or server device. Disk quota: This option is not available on all systems, but it s handy when you manage a large group of users and some are digital packrats. Group inclusion may happen during user creation or you may have to go to a Groups screen to add users to groups. Relying on groups, especially as you get more users, makes management faster and less error-prone. By using groups, you can de ne the parameters for a group, such as Sales, and every time you add a new salesperson you just plop the person into that group. All the rules and settings you de ned for the group automatically apply to the new user in the group, such as allowing them access to the Inventory folder but blocking them from viewing les in the Payroll folder. In Figure 10-12, you can see the Linksys screen that allows groups access to the disk volumes.
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Figure 10-12: Everyone doesn t have access to everything, a typical arrangement.
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The Group Access Rights dialog box that pops up when you click the Access command button at the bottom of the screen shows that the group Everyone
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232 Part III Moving from Stand Alone PCs to a Network
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does not have access to the Admin 1 volume. You can tell by the command buttons between the two lists that groups can have access or not to disk shares, or just read access, or read/write access (the RW Access command button). Every setting you can make for a group you can make for an individual user. But as your user list grows, taking advantage of groups of users with like access pro les will save you time and prevent you from forgetting a setting for a new user.
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Managing disks
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Server and storage appliances don t make a big fuss over disk volumes. You can usually leave the entire disk as one big space and carve it up into multiple network shares for organization.
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A volume is a logical storage unit that can be a portion of a single disk or span multiple disks. A share is allowing access to a resource, which in this case, is a folder on a disk.
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Vendors handle multiple disk volumes in two ways. First, they can let you allocate a certain amount of space for that volume, and keep track of that space. When you reach the limit of that volume, you re full. Second, they can ignore the space used per volume, and let the disk space ll up as it gets used. If one volume had 80 percent of the allocated space and the other one has only 20 percent, that s ne. System feedback, such as the free space notation in a directory display, shows the total amount of space on the physical volume.
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Setting shares
Low-end NAS and server appliances have a single disk with a single volume. The way to allocate disk space among users and groups is generally through the network share.
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A share in Microsoft networking is a name given to a folder on a hard disk allowing access to that folder and all subfolders. Users cannot move up the le tree and see the parent folder of the shared folder.
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Making a network share on a server or storage appliance looks much like making it on a Windows computer: Specify which folder to share Provide a name for the share unique to that host Tell the operating system to share it Add any user restrictions Figure 10-13 shows the New Network Share screen for the SnapAppliance 1100. Add a name, pick the folder, make a comment if you want, and allow everyone
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