Part II Practicing Safe Broadband in .NET

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200 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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the money to the service provider, ask about receipts or con rmation to avoid potential service hassles later.
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Service level agreement and privacy
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The service level agreement from a third-party service provider should be considerably better than that from an apartment management team. Service providers almost always offer some type of payment rebate when they drop the ball too often or too long. Privacy concerns still exist, but service providers tend to protect privacy much more than apartment leasing companies do. Besides, if you a broadband service payment, the provider doesn t get nearly as upset as an apartment manager would. The government can still demand your service details from a service provider under laws associated with the Patriot Act, but your apartment manager can t snoop into your Internet activities if a third-party provider delivers your Internet connection.
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Keeping your account
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As soon as you nd you really like your broadband service provider at your apartment, you ll probably start looking for another apartment for some reason. If the service provider handles one apartment complex, it may well handle others. If you have started receiving substantial e-mail traf c or hits to your personal Web site, you may want to keep the same provider. If your provider services another apartment complex from which you wish to rent, take care of the paperwork before giving notice at the rst apartment. Sometimes these customer exit processes are automated to their own detriment. If you give notice, the apartment contract with the service provider may state to notify the service provider and stop all access at a certain date. They may even scrub your account and leave no record of you or your e-mail address. Think ahead, and you won t have to ll out the new client paperwork again, speeding your service availability in the new place. Planning ahead will also keep a ton of e-mail from bouncing the week your e-mail address falls into limbo. Webform qr code iso/iec18004 integration on .net
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Onsite broadband router
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If your apartment (or condo or executive suite) supports enough broadband clients, the service provider probably installed some edge connection equipment onsite. Most likely, this unit will be a router of some type paired with a multiplexor handing the cabling connections throughout the site. After all, one of their big selling points, fast service for customers, demands they keep equipment onsite to support the clients.
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9 Examining the Multitenant Broadband Hookup
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Your connection won t be much different if it s from a router in the basement or a service provider in the neighborhood. There can be a couple of differences, however, so let me explain two quick things.
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The router at your location may include a rewall or the service provider may rely on its rewall between the entire network and the Internet. For extra security protection, a rewall at your site is preferable. After all, you have no reason to trust every other client of your service provider. You want to keep a buffer between you and as many people as possible. If the rewall is at your site, the service provider will have another one at its of ce as well. When you get the IP addresses and port numbers for game connections, verify you re getting all the necessary rewall client details and your contact knows that you may have a rewall at your apartment as well.
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Network address translation
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Network Address Translation (NAT) details will appear, in depth, in 12, but I want to mention something now. Your service provider should use network address translation for each router-based site, including your apartment complex. Network address translation converts the private, hidden IP address of your computer into a known, public IP address when your data packets zoom about the Internet. This keeps outsiders from seeing your real IP address and targeting your real computer. If they don t use network address translation, it means your entire apartment complex will be on one big happy network with little security between you and the weirdo who skulks around the washing machines. Not good, because each client connection should go to a separate physical port on the local router or multiplexor. This all-on-one method of placing everyone in the complex on one network is stupid, but has been done from early on in Internet history. Demand network address translation on each connection, if possible. Adjust your security mindset accordingly if there s a shared network connection. Check for this networking method by going to Start My Network Places and clicking the View Network Computers in the menu on the left. If you see one or more computers you don t know, they can also see you. Oops. If you can see other computers on your local network, they can see you (over the network, not physically). That means you must complain to the service provider and increase your security pro le. Although waiting for help, stay off the network unless you re actively sur ng or getting e-mail. Do not leave the computer turned on while connected to your broadband access provider in this situation.
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