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The good news for you, the apartment resident, is some type of service will be delivered to your apartment. In rare cases, you will have a choice. In equally rare cases, a single connection to each apartment will provide all telephone, Internet, and TV services through a breakout box in the apartment. When looking for a new apartment, ask about broadband access. Equipment vendors always pitch the value of advertising broadband access in their
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9 Examining the Multitenant Broadband Hookup
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marketing literature aimed at apartment owners. It would make them feel good to have you verify the value of broadband access to the apartment managers by demanding broadband Internet access. Frankly, many apartment residents will use a broadband access service much more than a pool. If broadband service is important to you (you bought this book, so it must be), verify upfront your broadband service options. Your best negotiation time is before you sign a lease contract, because you can still walk to the next apartment complex and sign a lease there. If broadband access is not provided, but you really like the apartment complex, check into your options. Services like DSL may be available if you re close enough to a central of ce. Large apartment clusters in one neighborhood often force the telephone company to put a central of ce in the area to handle the customer load. If this is the case, DSL of some avor may be no problem, but you must con rm that fact before you sign a contract. Because almost every apartment complex already has cable TV, you may be able to get broadband service from the cable provider. Most systems today allow the cable company to split the broadband from the TV frequencies inside your apartment with a splitter. Your Internet connection may have to be close to your TV, but that might not be a problem and could be an advantage. Verifying your service provider of choice will connect you at the requested apartment. Verifying your apartment will allow the service provider any access necessary to install your connection. Write that information on your contract, or you ll be sorry. Chat sites for broadband include many tales of woe from people dialing in to complain about territorial ghts between apartment managers, phone companies, and DSL providers. The companies ght, service never gets installed, and the individuals listen to the modem connection dirge and wish they d chosen a different apartment. Although you re verifying things, make sure your apartment broadband access service rate is cheaper, or at least not more expensive, than the rates charged directly by the service provider. Volume discounts from the service provider to the apartment owner should be passed to you. If not, at least you shouldn t be charged extra. If you re a big wireless broadband access fan, you may be able to put a transceiver on your balcony and get service. But be sure your apartment allows that hardware installation. If the apartment complex has its own service provider, the rules probably outlaw attaching hardware to bypass that service. Verify or regret.
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What to ask the landlord
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If it seems there are a lot of questions to ask before you sign your lease, you are correct. Let me provide a checklist so you can objectively decide whether an apartment will get you acceptable broadband service. Notice that you can decide whether a detail doesn t matter in your situation. If you live by yourself, you may not care about concurrent connections, for example. You may prefer to pay for your broadband access as part of your rent,
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192 Part II Practicing Safe Broadband
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all on one check, or you may need to separate billing for tax purposes. I can t make those decisions for you, but consider the answers to the following questions before you sign your lease: What type of service is available
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