12: ESPN.com Secrets in .NET

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12: ESPN.com Secrets
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Secret #289: Better Than Box Scores ESPN GameCasts
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Now this is something neat. If you can t get to a TV set to watch the big game, you can still keep up on the game s progress via ESPN GameCast real-time play-by-play coverage of all the game action displayed on your personal com puter screen. GameCasts are available for selected Major League Baseball, NFL, and college football games. Just click the GameCast link on the ESPN.com home page and select the game you want to watch; a separate GameCast window launches on your computer desktop. Click a tab at the top to view the game status, box score, or game summary. The real action occurs on the Game Status tab. Here you can view a quarter/inning summary or a detailed summary; the detailed summary follows the game play by play (or pitch by pitch), showing all the action for each play or at-bat. It s almost like being there or, perhaps, like having a box score updated in real time.
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Secret #290: ESPN.com Offers Great Coverage of Fishing, Hunting, and Other Outdoor Activities
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You expect ESPN.com to offer detailed coverage of all major spectator sports. But hunting and fishing ESPN Really Yes, really. ESPN Outdoors (click the Outdoors link on the home page) is a great site for the outdoor sportsman. The site, shown in Figure 12-4, includes sections for fishing, hunting, conservation, and sporting dogs. There are even links to outdoor games and hunting/fishing weather, as well as a link to the separate Bassmaster.com site (www.bassmaster.com). If you re a serious outdoorsman, you ll find plenty to like here.
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Secret #291: Let ESPN.com Help You Get into Shape
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As you now know, ESPN.com isn t just for spectator sports. If you re a runner or otherwise interested in sports training, ESPN.com s Training Room section should be of interest. Just click the Training Room link on the site s home page, and you ll find all sorts of stories and information about training, with a special focus on running and marathons. The section also links to injury reports for all major professional sports, and it offers a message board where you can share training strategies with other fitness buffs. It s a well-hidden little corner of the ESPN.com site but it s a secret no more!
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Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
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Figure 12-4: Outdoor sports get covered at ESPN Outdoors.
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Secret #292: ESPN.com Covers Sports Video Games
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If you re more interested in exercising your fingers than your lats and abs, then ESPNgamer is for you. This section of the ESPN.com site covers all the top sports video and computer games, complete with professional reviews, user reviews, and gamer message boards. Many video gamers wouldn t think to look for game tips and reviews on a sports site, but that s their loss; ESPNgamer is actually a really good source of information if your interest is sports games.
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Secret #293: Use ESPN.com to Run Your Fantasy Sports League
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Big into fantasy sports Then ESPN.com is the place for you, thanks to its Fantasy Games section. ESPN.com offers information and services for all man ner of fantasy sports baseball, football, basketball, hockey, racing, golf, and more (there s even a section for fantasy fishing!). Form a league, manage a team, discuss your picks with other members everything you need is all here in one place. Pay particular attention to the regularly scheduled chats with fan tasy sports experts, where you can learn a lot from the people who know. (Read Secret #295 to learn more about ESPN.com s chats.)
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12: ESPN.com Secrets
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Secret #294: Share Your Opinions with Other Sports Fans on ESPN.com Message Boards
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Sports fans aren t typically shy about expressing their opinions. That s why ESPN not only offers opinions from industry experts (see Secret #285), but it also offers a forum for the average fan to vent opinions. That forum is found in ESPN s message boards, accessible when you click the SportsNation link on the ESPN.com home page. ESPN.com offers hundreds of different message boards for all major sports and teams. You ll find boards for Major League Baseball, NFL, NHL, NBA, college basketball, soccer, CART and NASCAR, outdoors sports, fantasy sports, tennis, and golf you name it. Just go to the SportsNation page, click the Message Boards link, and then choose the board you want to access. As you can see in Figure 12-5, messages are sorted by time of posting; click a subject to read or respond to a message or click the Post a Message icon to post a new message.
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