Secret #282: Covers Every Sport You Can Think Of and Then Some in .NET

Printing Code 39 Extended in .NET Secret #282: Covers Every Sport You Can Think Of and Then Some
Secret #282: Covers Every Sport You Can Think Of and Then Some
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Okay, it s no secret that ESPN and cover all sorts of sports. You know that the site is the place to go for major league baseball, basketball, football, and hockey coverage. You probably knew that covered golf and tennis, and maybe even auto and horse racing. You may have even known that covered boxing and soccer and most college sports. But did you know that covers figure skating, cricket, and sailing That s probably because you only click the links that appear on the home page. There s a lot of them, for sure, but the site covers even more sports than that. All you have to do is click the More Sports link (you missed that one, didn t you ), and you ll see that offers coverage of the following: Arena football
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Minor league baseball Canadian football
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Minor league hockey Cricket
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NBDL Cycling
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NFL Europe Figure skating
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Olympic sports Gymnastics
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Rugby High school sports
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Sailing Iditarod
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Track and field Little league world series
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12: Secrets
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And remember, once you locate the page for a specific sport, you can bookmark it in your Web browser so that you can access it without having to hunt through the More Sports page.
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Secret #283: Check Out Even More Coverage at ABC Sports
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As much content as offers, the site also links to a number of partner sites that provide even more sports coverage. Chief among these sites is sister company ABC Sports ( As you can see in Figure 12-3, this site presents network-specific coverage of all the sports that ABC covers, as well as commentary by John Madden. The ABC Sports site also offers an updated schedule of ABC s network sports programs including Monday Night Football and other major events.
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Figure 12-3: Network sports coverage at
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Secret #284: Offers Deep Background and Analysis
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When you want in-depth background information and analysis of the top sports stories, click the ESPN Intelligence link on the home page. ESPN Intelligence offers insights assembled from, ESPN TV, and ESPN The Magazine on all the top sporting events and stories. This is the place for serious sports fans; with ESPN Intelligence you ll discover the stories behind the stories and learn why a team is winning or losing.
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Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
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Secret #285: Offers Strong Opinions
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Analysis is one thing; opinion is another. offers plenty of opinions, from some of the most opinionated personalities in sports journalism including Nick Bakay, Jim Caple, Whitney Casey, Michael Davies, Wayne Drehs, Mike Greenberg, Graham Hays, Tim Keown, Chris McKendry, Jeff Merron, Alysse Minkoff, Brian Murphy, Eric Neel, Stacy Pressman, Darren Rovell, Dan Shanoff, Bill Simmons, Jason Whitlock, Ralph Wiley, and Hunter S. Thompson (!). All of these opinion makers have regular columns in s Page 2 section. Just click the Page 2 link at the top of the hom page, or go directly to page2/, to read what these experts are saying about your favorite sport. I par ticularly like Dan Shanoff s Daily Quickie, which offers opinions and insights in fun, bite-sized portions.
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Secret #286: Get the Line on the Big Games
If you re known to place a bet or two, you probably want to find out the point spread on the upcoming big games. doesn t disappoint; click the Daily Line link on the home page to view the line on all upcoming games pro and college.
Secret #287: Use to Discover the Business behind the Sports Business
The casual fan might like to think that sports is a game, but it s really a big busi ness. offers the business aspect of sports in its Sports Business sec tion. Want to find out who s spending money on what (or whom) Then this is the section for you. You ll discover what s up behind the scenes at all major pro fessional sports leagues and how that s impacting ticket sales and player salaries. The Sports Business section is definitely all business about covering the financial aspect of sports today.
Secret #288: Go to EXPN for Extreme Sports Coverage
It s extreme, man! If you re into extreme sports skateboarding, snowboarding, motocross, and the like then ESPN s sister site, EXPN (, is for you. EXPN covers the extreme sports world the same way that ESPN covers traditional sports which makes it the place for all your X Games news and information.