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When you perform a search on these sites, the results you see come directly from the Google search index. So if you like to use My Yahoo! as your home page, but prefer Google for searching, you never have to leave the My Yahoo! site; when you search from the Yahoo! search box, it s Google s results you see. By the way, these search partnerships tend to be short-term deals. For example, Yahoo! used to use Inktomi to power their search results; when the Inktomi deal was up, they switched to Google. (No telling which search engine Yahoo! will use when the Google contract runs out especially since Yahoo! now owns AltaVista, AllTheWeb, and Inktomi!)
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Secret #167: Put Google Search on Your Own Web Site
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Google likes to get around. That s why Google makes it easy to add Google search to your own personal Web pages, at no charge to you. All you have to do is go to, copy the HTML code listed there, and paste that code into the code for your Web page. The result will be a Google search box and Google Search button that your visitors can use to search the Web from your site. There are actually three different versions of Google search you can add to your Web page. Each comes with its own specific cut-and-paste HTML code: Google Free the same basic Google search available on the Google home page. Google Free SafeSearch the same as Google Free, but with the SafeSearch content filter activated to filter out inappropriate results. Google Free Web search with site search the basic Google Free search, but with additional capability for users to search your own Web site, as well. If you re running a professional Web site, Google offers Custom WebSearch for businesses and other large sites. See .html for more information about this paid service.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Professional software developers can also add Google to their computer pro grams and Web sites via the Google Web Application Programming Interface (API). More information about the Google Web API is available at
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Secret #168: Discover the Latest Search Patterns and Trends
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Google is used by so many users that examining query patterns can reveal quite a bit about society s latest patterns and trends. The Google Zeitgeist ( tracks all the queries posed by Google users and lists a variety of interesting data-points that tell you what users are interested in at this given point in time. At the top of the Google Zeitgeist page, shown in Figure 6-21, are lists of the Top 10 Gaining Queries and the Top 10 Declining Queries for the current week. The first list tells you what s getting hot, and the second what s growing cool. For example, for the week ending September 1, 2003, NASA and the U.S. Open were hot; the Star Wars kid and Mary Carey (candidate for Governor of California) were starting to cool down.
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Figure 6-21: Find out what s hot and what s not with the Google Zeitgeist.
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6: Google Secrets
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Below that are more detailed analyses of queries for the previous month; you ll find lists like Popular TV Shows, Popular News Queries, Popular Fictional Characters, Top Women Who Start with C , and Popular Travel-Related Queries. (These lists vary by season, and by country.) I m not sure how accurate the Google Zeitgeist is as a measure of our current culture, but it s certainly a lot of fun to read!
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Secret #169: Uncover Even More Secrets in Google Labs
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Believe it or not, Google has even more search projects in the works. The latest cutting-edge research can be found at Google Labs (, which is where Google s search experts concoct all manner of search projects. Google Labs is where the next Google features are often found. As this book is being written, Google Labs has eight projects in the works. These projects include: Google Compute: Uses your PC s idle processing power for peer-topeer computing projects Google Deskbar: Lets you search Google from the Windows taskbar (see Secret #150 to learn more) Google Glossary: Displays definitions for words you enter (see Secret #160 for more information) Google Keyboard Shortcuts: Lets you navigate your search results with your keyboard, no mouse necessary Google News Alerts: Sends e-mail alerts to your desktop when new stories appear online (see Secret #158 for more information) Google Search by Location: Lets you restrict your search to a specific geographic area Google Sets: Creates a set of related items based on a list of words you enter Google Viewer: Displays your search results as images in a kind of scrolling slide show Google Voice Search: Enables Google searching by Web phone Google Webquotes: Displays quotes about the pages in your search results Go to the Google Labs page to learn more and to test these and other new projects!
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The researchers at Google Labs are always working on new projects, so the projects available when you re reading this book may be different from the projects listed here.
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