Secret #147: Personalize Your Search Results in .NET

Printing barcode 3/9 in .NET Secret #147: Personalize Your Search Results
Secret #147: Personalize Your Search Results
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Most users aren t aware that they can personalize the way in which Google dis plays search results. You configure your search results from Google s Preferences page, shown in Figure 6-6. You access this page by clicking the Preferences link on Google s home page. Read on to learn more about each of the settings on this page.
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Figure 6-6: Personalize your search results from Google s Preferences page.
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6: Google Secrets
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Display Google in a Different Language
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By default, Google displays all the text and buttons on its pages in English unless you re accessing one of Google s international sites. But, assuming you re accessing the standard English-language Google site, everything is in English.
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Google has dedicated sites for 82 different countries. You can find a list of these local sites and their URLs by clicking the Language Tools link on the Google home page.
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You can, however, configure Google s English-language site to display in other languages. As of this writing Google can display its pages in 88 different lan guages, from Afrikaans to Zulu. Make your choice in the Interface Language section of the Preferences page and all of Google s text and controls will display in the new language. In addition to real languages, Google is also available in a number of fake lan guages. My favorites Klingon, Pig Latin (shown in Figure 6-7), Elmer Fudd ( I m Feewing Wucky ), and Bork, Bork, Bork! the pseudo-Swedish spoken by the Muppets Swedish Chef.
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Figure 6-7: Google in Pig Latin Google Search becomes Google Earchsay.
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Search in a Different Language
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While English might be the default language of the Web, it isn t the only language not by any means. As the World Wide Web becomes more world wide, more and more pages are posted in a variety of native languages. Whether your search includes pages in other languages or is limited to Englishlanguage pages, you can control this option from the Preferences page. By default, Google searches for pages written in any language. If you want to limit your search to a language you can read, go to the Search Language sec tion of the Preferences page and make a new selection. This will restrict your results solely to pages written in the specified language.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Search Safely
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The SafeSearch Filtering section on Google s Preferences page activates a con tent filter for Google s search results. You use SafeSearch to filter out Web pages with offensive content. Read on to Secret #148 to learn more.
Display More Results Per Page
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By default, Google displays ten results per page. This allows for a fairly fast dis play of results. If you want to see more results on your page, go to the Number of Results section of the Preferences page and change the setting to 20, 30, 50, or 100.
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You can specify the number of results on a per query basis when you use Google s Advanced Search page.
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Open a New Results Window
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By default, your search results are displayed in the same browser window you used to initiate your search. If you prefer to have Google open a new browser window containing your search results, go to the Results Window section of the Preferences page and select the Open Search Results in a New Browser Window option. With this option selected, any time you click the Search Google button a new browser window will open with the search results listed.
Secret #148: Make Google Safe for Kids
There s a lot of unsavory content on the Internet. When you perform a Google search, some of these undesirable pages can end up in your search results which is not a great thing if it s your kids who are doing the searching. Fortunately, Google offers a content filter that you can apply to your Google searches. Google s SafeSearch filter screens the Google index for sites that con tain adult information and then eliminates those pages from your search results. Google uses proprietary technology to check keywords, phrases, URLs, and Google Directory categories against a list of objectionable words and topics. When you activate SafeSearch, you re blocked from viewing results that con tain these undesirable words and topics. You activate the SafeSearch filter from Google s Preferences page. You have three choices: Moderate filtering: Blocks objectionable images from Google Image Search results; it doesn t block any pages based on objectionable text. This is the default configuration. Strict filtering: Blocks both objectionable words and images and also includes a stricter image filter than the moderate filtering option. Do not filter my search results: This turns off the SafeSearch filter.