Secret #139: Travel Back in Time for Your Search in .NET

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Secret #139: Travel Back in Time for Your Search
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When you conduct your search, do you have in mind a particular page or article that you remember reading a year or so ago Then what you want is a time machine one that can take you back to search the Web as it existed at a par ticular point in time. Google can be that time machine.
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Part II: Secrets of the Internet Search Engines
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Google lets you limit your search results to Web pages created within a particu lar date range. This way you can eliminate newer (or older) pages from your results, and glimpse a snapshot of the Web the way it once was. There are two ways to restrict your Google search to a specific date range. The first is the least practical, but it s worth discussing anyway. When you use the daterange: operator, Google restricts its search to Web pages that match the dates you enter. Know, however, that Google dates the pages in its index based on when it indexed them not when the pages were actually created. So if a page was created sometime back in 1999 but Google didn t get around to indexing it until June 15, 2003, it will be dated June 15, 2003. It s an imperfect way to approach this issue, but it s the only one that Google offers. And there s another catch to using the daterange: operator you have to express the date as a Julian date, which is a continuous count of dates since January 1, 4713 BC.
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If you don t feel like calculating your own Julian dates and who does you can look them up at the U.S. Naval Observatory Astronomical Applications Department Web site ( juliandate.html).
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If you insist on using the daterange: operator, your query syntax should look like this: daterange:startdate-enddate. I won t bother with an example. The better approach is to use the Date option on Google s Advanced Search page. This option lets you enter current dates; none of this Julian nonsense. Just enter a start date and an ending date, and Google will restrict its search to pages indexed during that time frame. (Skip ahead to Secret #144 to learn more about the Advanced Search page.)
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Secret #140: Resurrect Dead Pages
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What do you do if you click to a Web page in the search results list, but that page no longer exists (It happens; thousands of older Web pages go dead every day.) You may still be in luck, because Google saves a copy of each page that it indexes as it existed at the time it was indexed. So even if a page is dead and gone, you may still be able to view the cached (saved) version of that page on Google s server. To display a specific cached page, use the cache: operator, like this: cache:URL. For example, to display the cached version of my Molehill Group home page, enter
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Even if the page itself has been cached, that doesn t mean that all the ele ments on the page have also been saved. Some graphic elements might no longer exist, and thus might not display on the cached page.
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6: Google Secrets
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Secret #141: List Pages That Link to a Specific Page
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Want to know which other Web pages are linked to a specific page Because Google works by tracking page links, this is easy to find out. All you have to do is use the link: operator, like this: link:URL. For example, to see the thousands of pages that link to Microsoft s Web site, enter
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Secret #142: List Similar Pages
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Have you ever found a Web page you really like, and then wondered if there were any more like it on the Web Wonder no more; you can use Google s related: operator to display pages that are in some way similar to the specified page. For example, if you really like the news stories on the CNN Web site (, you can find similar pages by entering
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