Figure 5-4: The results of a Lycos Shopping Search. in .NET

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Figure 5-4: The results of a Lycos Shopping Search.
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Secret #107: Search for People and E-Mail Addresses
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Lycos partners with sister site WhoWhere to provide White Pages searching. When you click the White Pages link (or go directly to www.whowhere you re taken to the WhoWhere Web site, shown in Figure 5-5. Searching is as simple as entering a first and last name, selecting a city or state, and clicking the Search button. WhoWhere will return a list of matching names, complete with addresses and phone numbers. You can also use WhoWhere to search for e-mail addresses if they re avail able. Just pull down the Find list at the top of the WhoWhere page and select An Email Address, then enter the name and location information as usual. WhoWhere will return e-mail addresses for those individuals listed in the WhoWhere directory.
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5: Lycos Secrets
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Figure 5-5: Searching for people at the WhoWhere site.
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If you re searching for genealogical information, WhoWhere links to the Web site; just click the Ancestry Search link.
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Secret #108: Search 2,000 Different News Sources
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Lycos utilizes the FAST news index (as well as its own Lycos News site) to pro vide a first-class news search. When you search for a news story, you re search ing content from more than 2,000 different news sites. As you might imagine, you ll most likely find what you re looking for. You can conduct a basic news search from the Lycos home page; just select the News option next to the standard Search box. To narrow your news search somewhat, go to the Advanced Search page and click the News tab. Most of these advanced search options are the same as on the normal Advanced Search page; one unique option is the ability to restrict the search to specific news categories.
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Secret #109: Search for MP3 Music Files to Download
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Looking for a particular song to download You could connect to KaZaA or one of the other peer-to-peer file-swapping networks and deal with all that hassle (not to mention potential litigation), or subscribe to Napster or one of the sub scription music services, and pay for what you download. Or you could use Lycos to search the Web for the songs you want and download them free of charge. That s right. One of the hidden features of the Lycos site is a first-rate MP3 search engine. Lycos MP3 search does a surprisingly good job of finding MP3 files on the Web; it s a much cleaner way of finding music than using a fileswapping network, and much less expensive than subscribing to a paid music service. To use Lycos MP3 search, go to the Lycos Music page ( and enter the song or artist you re looking for in the search box, as shown in Figure 5-6. Choose to Search For MP3s, then click the Search button.
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Figure 5-6: Use Lycos to search for MP3s on the Web.
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Lycos now returns a page of search results. At the top of the list is a link to music on the Lycos Rhapsody subscription service; you can ignore this (it ll cost you money) and scroll down to the main results. Each matching file is ranked on a Good-Better-Best scale, and the file size (in MB) is noted. Click a link to display a separate download window, like the one shown in Figure 5-7. From here you can choose to download the file or just play it from where it is.
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Figure 5-7: Getting ready to download a music file.
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5: Lycos Secrets
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What s great about Lycos is that it s one of the few sites that search the Web specifically for MP3 files, without tying you into a proprietary file-swapping network or subscription service. It also works quite well; I almost always find the music I m searching for. That s why savvy music lovers use Lycos to find the MP3 files they want at no risk and no fee.
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It s important to note that the results of a Lycos MP3 search link to files on sites all across the Web. Lycos is not part of a file-swapping network, and does not store any of these MP3 files on its own site. Lycos does, however, offer a separate subscription music service, called Rhapsody. Go to to learn more.
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