Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals in .NET

Integrating Code 3 of 9 in .NET Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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ycos is one of the oldest brands on the Web although it s not what it used to be. Launched way back in 1994, Lycos was originally a crawler-based search engine. Over time it evolved into a full-service portal, and its search capabilities took a backseat to its other content. In fact, Lycos ceased its own search operations several years ago, instead contracting with third-party providers for its search results. Back in 1999 I wrote a whole book (now out of print) about Lycos; that was before the big change-up at the Lycos site. As I was preparing to attack the chapter you re now reading, I went back and took a look at that old book. Virtually nothing I wrote about Lycos then is still true today! So if you re an oldtimer and think you know all there is to know about the Lycos site think again.
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Lycos at a Glance
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The Lycos home page (, shown in Figure 5-1, contains a variety of links to different content and services. There are links to major services (including My Lycos and Lycos Mail) at the very top of the page, with a search box just below that. The left side of the page contains links to Lycos topics with news and other highlights featured in the center of the page.
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Figure 5-1: The Lycos home page.
Secret #99: Lycos Is Part of a Larger Network of Sites
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Here s something most users don t know: Lycos is just part of a larger network of sites owned by the Terra Lycos company. The sites in the Terra Lycos
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5: Lycos Secrets
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Network ( operate independently but also feed content into the main Lycos portal. The following list gives you a quick look at these sites.
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Angelfire: Angelfire ( is a home page community
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that enables you to build your own personal Web pages. This is one of two home page communities owned by Terra Lycos; the other is Tripod, discussed a bit later in the chapter. Animation Express: Animation Express (, originally part of the HotWired site (listed a bit later), offers a range of animated entertainment for your viewing pleasure. a tu hora: a tu hora ( is an e-commerce site for the Spanish market. It offers one-hour delivery of convenience products such as food and beverages, as well as books, music, electronics, and other merchandise. Gamesville: Gamesville ( is one of the Web s largest sites for interactive entertainment. Members can play both single-player and multi-player games, and compete in massive real-time gaming events. (See Secret #119 to learn more.) HotBot: Hotbot ( is one of the Web s leading search engines. Learn more about HotBot in 8. htmlGEAR: The htmlGEAR site ( offers interactive content and add-ons for Web site developers. ( is a financial portal for the Latin American market in particular, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, and Venezuela. Lycos Zone: Lycos Zone ( is a site just for kids, including educational content and entertainment. (See Secret #120 to learn more.) Matchmaker: Matchmaker ( is one of the Web s largest sites for personal ads. ( is a full-service financial information site. Raging Bull: Raging Bull ( is a lively commu nity of financial message boards. Rumbo: Rumbo ( is a full-service travel portal. Sonique: Sonique ( is a free media player pro gram, popular among the MP3 set. Terra: Terra ( runs a variety of Web portals for the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking world. Terra also offers dial-up and broadband connection services to select European markets. Tripod: Tripod ( is another home page com munity you can use to create and host your own personal Web pages. When you click the Build a Website link on Lycos home page, this is where you re taken. (See Secret #123 to learn more.) Webmonkey: Webmonkey ( is a terrific resource for both novice and experienced Web developers. It offers daily articles and news on all manner of technical topics, as well as an extensive archive of tutorials and features.
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