Secret #82: Send Group Invitations with in .NET

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Secret #82: Send Group Invitations with
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Here s an interesting service that appears to be unique to AOL. AOL Invitations lets you send online invitations to your friends, family, and colleagues, for all different types of events lunches, birthday parties, baby showers, reunions, you name it. You use AOL Invitations to create the invitation, then send it to your recipient list. You can then view the RSVPs online and keep track of who s coming and who s not. You access AOL Invitations at
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Secret #83: Send Online Greeting Cards with
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AOL partners with to let you send free online greeting cards to your friends and family. Just click the Greetings link on the
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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page and then choose a card to send. There are thousands of different cards available in dozens of different categories. It s the online way to say that you care!
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Secret #84: Shop Online with
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AOL offers the same shopping services on the Web as it offers in its traditional online service. You access AOL Shopping, shown in Figure 3-10, by clicking the Shopping link on the Web page. From there you can browse through different merchandise departments (Apparel, Electronics, etc.), or search for specific products. It s a quick and easy way to find what you want to buy with out having to log onto the AOL service proper.
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Figure 3-10: Access AOL Shopping from the Web.
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Secret #85: Apply Parental Controls to Manage Your Kids Surfing
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The AOL service is well-known for offering effective controls for younger mem bers; it s easy for parents to monitor and restrict what their children can view and do while they re using AOL. These parental controls carry over to the environment; you can create screennames for each of your children and then assign each screen name to a particular age category. Each age cate gory carries its own appropriate restrictions which can include blocking access to chat and similar features as well as deleting all e-mail containing pic tures or attachments.
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3: Secrets
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To set the parental controls, click the Parental Controls icon on the page or go directly to From this page you can click a screen name to assign it a specific age category. The next time that member logs on, he or she will be subject to that category s particular controls.
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Secret 86: Get AOL Features Free from Netscape
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Many folks don t realize that a number of AOL features are available for free via the Netscape Network Web site ( In fact, you ll find that parts of the Netscape site (shown in Figure 3-11) look a lot like parts of the site; this is most notable on the My Netscape page, which was the inspiration for My AOL.
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Figure 3-11: The Netscape Network home page.
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Why the similarity between and the Netscape Network It s simple AOL owns Netscape, and has integrated many of its technologies and services.
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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What AOL features will you find on the Netscape Network site Here s a short list: Netscape Mail, which also lets you access your AOL mail account Netscape Instant Messenger, which is fully compatible with AOL Instant Messenger and the AIM network Netscape Calendar, which offers all the same features as the AOL Calendar My Netscape, similar in look and feel to My AOL Access to local guides, same as with AOL Anywhere Access to the same shopping resources as Google Web searching, same as on InfoSpace white and yellow pages searching, same as on Investment tracking, same as on Access to much of the content found on the main AOL service, includ ing news, sports, weather, and entertainment So if you want some of what AOL offers without paying to become a member, check out the Netscape Network Web site. Even if you re not looking for AOL features, it s a pretty good portal!
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This entire chapter falls into the I bet you didn t know that. . . category. The ability to access AOL from the Web is one of those secrets hidden in plain sight, but one that makes AOL infinitely more useable and more appealing to more technically sophisticated users. Taken on its own, the portal is actually fairly attractive; that it also lets you access your AOL e-mail and chat rooms is a huge plus. It almost makes you want to subscribe, doesn t it