Figure 3-2: Use the freestanding version of AOL Instant Messenger for free. in .NET

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Figure 3-2: Use the freestanding version of AOL Instant Messenger for free.
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3: Secrets
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Secret #71: Retrieve Your AOL E-Mail from Any PC
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Ever want to check your AOL e-mail but aren t at a computer with the AOL software installed Now is a good time to use the portal, which lets you retrieve your AOL e-mail from any PC with an Internet connection. Just direct your browser to the home page and click the AOL Mail icon or go directly to This opens the AOL Mail page, shown in Figure 3-3, which closely resembles the Mail part of the traditional AOL serv ice. From here you can read the mail in your inbox, retrieve old mail messages, and compose and send new mail. It works just as you d think it would, and even provides access to your normal America Online address book. In fact, it s com pletely synchronized with your normal AOL e-mail, so you won t miss a single message.
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Figure 3-3: Access your AOL Mail from any Web browser.
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Secret #72: Customize Your Own AOL Start Page on the Web
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AOL actually provides a pretty good Web portal if you know where to find it. The My AOL portal, shown in Figure 3-4, is accessible by clicking the My AOL link on the page, or by going directly to What s cool about My AOL is that you can completely customize it with the content and col ors of your choosing. My AOL can also display local news and weather, as well as your personal financial portfolio. It s actually a better start page than that provided by the traditional AOL service!
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Figure 3-4: Use My AOL as your personal gateway to the Web.
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Secret #73: View Your Local Weather
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The My AOL page includes a brief local weather section. To view a more detailed local weather forecast, click the Weather link on the page, or go directly to This displays a full page of local weather, including current conditions and a five-day forecast. You ll also find links to weather maps and travel information, all provided by
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use .net framework crystal abc codabar creator toincoporate abc codabar in .net is the largest weather site on the Web. Learn more about this site in 14.
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3: Secrets
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Secret #74: Display Local Information and Events Aspx Crystal universal product code version a creator in
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An even better way to display information of local interest is to access the AOL Anywhere page for your hometown assuming you live in a big city, that is. AOL Anywhere is powered by and offers event and restaurant guides, nightlife and music reviews, and local yellow pages and personals for major cities across the U.S. You ll also find local news and sports scores, as well as a useful visitor s guide. Just click the City Guide link on the page, or go directly to to find the AOL Anywhere page for your city.
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Secret #75: When You Search AOL, You re Searching Google (Sort Of)
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AOL uses Google as its primary search provider. That means that when you enter a query into the search box on the page (or go directly to, you re querying the Google search index and can use all the Google advanced search operators, as discussed in 6. There are some differences between Google search and AOL search, however. AOL s version of Google s search results often include links to proprietary con tent on the AOL service. In addition, some Google search results features such as cached pages are not available in AOL search. Other than that, the search results should be the same.
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The AOL Search page ( also offers an Images search, using Google Image Search.
Secret #76: Search for People and E-Mail Addresses
For people-searching, AOL contracts with InfoSpace for its results. You access AOL s White Pages by clicking the White Pages link on the page. As you can see in Figure 3-5, you initiate a people search by entering the person s last name, first name (optional), city, and state. Click the Search button to dis play a list of matching individuals. AOL also lets you perform a reverse phone number lookup; just click the Search by Phone Number link on the White Pages page. InfoSpace also sponsors AOL s E-Mail Finder; just click the E-mail Finder link on the White Pages page.