Online bill payment in .NET

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Online bill payment
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Mortgage and loan rates and quotes
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Credit reports
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Retirement planning
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Tax preparation
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Capital gains analysis
Breaking news from CNBC
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Financial message boards and chat rooms
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2: MSN Secrets
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The Money channel also includes links to Microsoft s Money financial manage ment sofware. If you have the software, it can upload your personal information to your online portfolio and download the latest quotes to the program. While some sites (such as CBS MarketWatch, discussed in 13) offer more in-depth financial resources, MSN Money functions just fine if all you want is basic financial information and advice. Check it out to see if it serves your personal financial needs.
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insider insight
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You can customize MSN Money to display your personal portfolios and the specific types of information you want. Just click the My Money link at the top of the Money page and follow the onscreen instructions.
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Secret #61: Use MSN to Lose Weight and Get Fit
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Here s content you don t find on all portal sites. The MSN Fitness & Recreation channel ( is a great place to help you get in tip-top shape. This channel lets you calculate your healthy weight range, and then provides tips and information for losing weight and getting in shape via exercise and training. The Fitness & Recreation channel is also a good gateway to informa tion about participatory sports via the Play Sports link.
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Secret #62: There s an MSN Channel Just for Women
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Issues of interest to women are well covered in MSN s Women channel (women, which includes sections on Beauty, Fashion & Style, Health & Wellness, Relationships, Home & Food, Career & Money, and Shopping. This is also where you ll find columns by Miss Manners, as well as a variety of other practical advice and interesting information. You can even sign up for the HotOnWomen e-mail newsletter, which offers diet and workout tips, recipes, Q&As, and more.
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Secret #63: A Safe-Surfing MSN Channel Just for Kidz
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What would a full-service portal be without a section just for kids MSN s children s channel is called Kidz (, and it includes all sorts of games, activities, and information just for the younger set. As you can see in Figure 2-10, Kidz even includes a KidzSafe Web Search, that filters out inappropriate content. In short, Kidz would make a good start page for your children s Web browsing.
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Figure 2-10: MSN for Kidz.
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Secret #64: Use MSN as an Online Encyclopedia
While we re on the subject of kids, when it s homework time, there s nothing like a good encyclopedia to help find the information they need. As you may be aware, Microsoft s Encarta is the best-selling encyclopedia software and MSN makes a version of Encarta available online in its Learning & Research channel ( This channel not only lets you search the online version of Encarta, it also includes a variety of other reference information, homework help, and information specifically for college-bound students and graduates. It s a good place to visit during the schoolyear!
Secret #65: Listen to Internet Radio Without the Ads
If you like listening to Internet radio but don t like all the ads (and sometimes sporadic service) then subscribe to MSN Radio Plus, a new service that provides access to more than 200 specialty Internet radio stations. The subscription costs $29.99 a year, but the stations offer faster streaming and better sound (near-CD quality) than you get at other Internet radio sites. It s also advertisement-free. Just click the Radio Plus link on the MSN Entertainment page to subscribe or access this service.
2: MSN Secrets
Secret #66: Get Movie and Event Tickets
Here s one you probably don t know about: You can use MSN to order tickets for movies, concerts, plays, and sporting events. You order your tickets online and then pick them up at the box office or have them mailed to you. Buying tickets online is actually quite simple to do, thanks to MSN s partnership with Ticketmaster. Just go to MSN s Entertainment channel (entertainment and click the Tickets link at the top of the page. This takes you to the Find Event Tickets page shown in Figure 2-11. Select what type of ticket you want, then enter the name of the event, venue, artist, or movie. Follow the onscreen instructions to select your seating, enter payment information, and complete the process.