Secret #54: Fine-Tune Your Search Results with the Advanced Search Page in .NET

Implement ANSI/AIM Code 39 in .NET Secret #54: Fine-Tune Your Search Results with the Advanced Search Page
Secret #54: Fine-Tune Your Search Results with the Advanced Search Page
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If you want to fine-tune your search but don t want to bother with Boolean oper ators, you can use MSN s Advanced Search page. You access this page, shown in Figure 2-6, by clicking the Advanced Search link on the MSN Search page.
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2: MSN Secrets
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Figure 2-6: MSN s Advanced Search page.
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The Advanced Search page lets you apply a variety of parameters to your search query just by making a few simple selections. Table 2-1 details the options available on this page.
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Table 2-1: MSN Advanced Search Options
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Option Find Description Activates selected Boolean operators to find all the words, any of the words, words in the title, the exact phrase, a Boolean phrase, or links to a URL Limits display of multiple pages in a domain Displays similar results, sorted in a variety of ways Limits search to a particular country or region Limits search to pages in a specific language Limits search to a particular Web site or domain Selects how deep to go in the selected directory Limits search to either HTML, PDF/Acrobat,
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Show one result per domain Sort equally relevant results Region Language Domain Document directory depth Find specific file types PowerPoint, Excel, or Word documents Restrict your results by page content
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Limits search to files with specific extensions
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Secret #55: MSN Has Some Great Content Partners
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One of the things that makes MSN so good is that it doesn t try to do everything itself. Instead, it partners with top-notch content providers in a variety of cate gories to bring you the best of what the Web has to offer all from the friendly face of the MSN Home page. Let s look at a few of MSN s most popular channels, and where they get their content.
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When you click the link for MSN s News channel, you re taken directly to the site of Microsoft s news-gathering partner MSNBC ( MSNBC is one of the premier news sites on the Web, assembling stories and reports from NBC, MSNBC, CNBC, Newsweek, and the Washington Post. As you can see in Figure 2-7, the MSNBC home page presents the top stories of the day; you can then link to more in-depth reports and articles on a variety of topics. You can also display live video of breaking stories, as well as, the local news and weather from newsgathering organizations in your hometown.
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Figure 2-7: Access a wide variety of news from MSNBC.
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2: MSN Secrets
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Sports: ESPN
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MSN gets its sports news from ESPN ( ESPN is such a great site that I devote an entire chapter to it turn to 12 to learn more.
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Travel: Expedia
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MSN s travel services are provided by Expedia ( Expedia is such a great site that I devote an entire chapter to it turn to 19 to learn more.
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City Guides: Citysearch
MSN s City Guides channel ( is powered by Citysearch, the Web s premier provider of local information for major cities. Just enter your city s name or Zip code to display your local guide. Each local guide contains events listings, restaurant listings and reviews, sports information, traffic reports, TV listings, and a whole lot more.
Yellow Pages:
MSN s Yellow Pages channel ( is powered by Super, one of the largest providers of business listings in the U.S. You can use the Yellow Pages channel to search the directory by cate gory or business name; you can also search for businesses within a specific dis tance of a given location.
White Pages: InfoSpace
MSN s White Pages channel is powered by InfoSpace (, one of the largest providers of such information on the Web. You can use the White Pages channel to search InfoSpace s extensive database of personal names, addresses, and phone numbers and even conduct reverse phone num ber lookups.
Careers: Monster
MSN s Careers channel ( is powered by Monster, the Internet s largest job search site. You can use the Careers channel to post your resume online and search the Monster database of more than 800,000 available jobs.