Yahoo! Weather in .NET

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Yahoo! Weather
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If you want to know whether or not to break out the rain gear, sun block, or snowshoes, go to Yahoo! Weather ( Yahoo! Weather lets you enter a zip code or city name, and then displays a full-featured weather page complete with current conditions, a five-day forecast, and links to addi tional weather resources, including weather maps and news stories.
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Yahoo! Sports
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Yahoo! s source for sports news, scores, and statistics is Yahoo! Sports (sports, shown in Figure 1-21. Yahoo! Sports offers all the latest sports headlines, both concise scores and detailed box scores, and in-depth features on important sports topics. You ll even find links to separate pages for all major sports and leagues including the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA football and basketball, NASCAR, world soccer, rugby, golf, and tennis.
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Yahoo! Entertainment
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The home base for all of Yahoo! s entertainment offerings is Yahoo! Entertainment ( Yahoo! Entertainment includes links to Yahoo! s more specific entertainment sites Movies, TV, Games, and Astrology as well as the latest entertainment news, top ten lists, new releases, and listings and schedules. If you only go to one entertainment page on the Web, Yahoo! Entertainment is as good a site as any.
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1: Yahoo! Secrets
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Figure 1-20: Get up-to-the-minute coverage at Yahoo! News.
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Figure 1-21: Grab the latest sports scores and stories at Yahoo! Sports.
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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Yahoo! Movies
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What new movies are playing in theaters this week What were last week s top box office draws What s happening in the world of Hollywood For the answers to all these questions and more go to Yahoo! Movies (movies In addition to all the industry news and reviews, you ll also find the latest videotape and DVD releases and a detailed list of showtimes at your local theaters. You can even view trailers for current and upcoming releases right from the Yahoo! Movies home page.
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Yahoo! TV
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Anything good on the tube tonight You can find out quickly at Yahoo! TV ( As you can see in Figure 1-22, Yahoo! TV includes TV news, gossip, reviews, ratings, and listings for your local area. (When you first log into Yahoo! TV, you ll be asked some questions about how you receive your TV sig nals, so Yahoo! TV can display customized listings for your broadcast stations, cable system, or satellite television provider.)
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Figure 1-22: Get local program listings at Yahoo! TV.
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Yahoo! Lottery Results
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Want to see the winning numbers from your local lottery or from any state lot tery Then go directly to Yahoo! Lottery Results ( This page even includes lottery results from Spain and Germany!
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1: Yahoo! Secrets
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Yahoo! Astrology
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Get your daily horoscope and link to biorhythm, numerology, and tarot sites at Yahoo! Astrology ( Just click your sign to see what the stars have to say today!
Secret #28: Use Yahoo! to Run a Fantasy Sports League
If you and your friends or colleagues are big into fantasy sports, you can use Yahoo! to organize and run your fantasy sports teams. Yahoo! Fantasy Sports ( includes leagues for football, baseball, basketball, hockey, auto racing, and other sports. You ll find all the information you need to run your own league, as well as links to related sports scores and stories.
Secret #29: Use Yahoo! to Manage Your Finances and Pay Your Bills
Most people recognize Yahoo! as a great search site but how many recognize Yahoo! as one of the best resources for financial information on the Internet All too few, which leads us to this particular secret. Truth be told, there are few sites better than Yahoo! when it comes to obtaining stock quotes, in-depth company data, and other financial information. In addi tion, Yahoo! has one of the most active financial message boards on the Web a great place to pick up the latest rumors and whispers!
Yahoo! Finance
The home base for all of Yahoo! s financial resources is Yahoo! Finance ( The Yahoo! Finance home page, shown in Figure 1-23, provides links to proprietary information and other Web sites, In addition, links at the top of the page lead you directly to your personal portfolio and a search box lets you retrieve current quotes for any security. Yahoo! Finance lets you create multiple portfolios; each portfolio can contain multiple stocks, securities, and market indices. You can choose to track actual portfolio performance (after you enter shares owned and price paid) or simple stock performance. Even better, you can redesign the Yahoo! Finance site to include the specific financial information you re looking for on a daily basis. For example, you can choose which sources Yahoo! uses for its financial news headlines and how it displays those headlines. You can also configure the way quotes and charts are displayed on individual quotes pages. To redesign your quotes pages, click the Customize Finance link at the top of the quotes page and then follow the onscreen instructions.