Figure 18-2: Browsing by artist and album. in .NET

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Figure 18-2: Browsing by artist and album.
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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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To purchase a track, click the Buy Track (or Buy Only) button next to the track. If you re a Premium member, you can listen to the track without downloading it just double-click the track, select the track, and click the Play button, or drag the track into the Now Playing tracklist to the right of the main window.
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Searching for Tracks
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If you have a specific artist or song in mind, it s probably easier for you to search the 500,000 or so songs available on the Napster service for what you want. Use the Search bar at the top of the Napster software window; you can search by Artist, Album, Track, or Member. (Use this last option to find other Napster members see Secret #461 for more.) The results of your search are displayed in the tracklist window at the bottom of the Search Results window; select a track to display information about it in the top window. You can then play or purchase any track, as described previously.
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Secret #455: Create Your Own Custom Playlists and Mix Tapes
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Seldom do I listen to just one song. When I listen to music, I listen to lots of songs all in a row. The joy of using a service like Napster is that you can create your own playlists that contain a variety of different songs from different artists. Napster stores the contents of your playlists, so all you have to do is select a playlist to play it back at your discretion.
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Building a Playlist
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You create a new playlist by pulling down the Playlists list at the top of the Now Playing tracklist and selecting Create New Playlist. When the Add to Playlist dialog box appears, as shown in Figure 18-3, give your new playlist a name and then click the Save button.
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Figure 18-3: Creating a new playlist.
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18: Napster 2.0 Secrets
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Once a playlist is created, you can add a track to the playlist in any number of ways: Use your mouse to drag the track onto a playlist displayed in the Now Playing tracklist (remember to click the Save button at the bottom of the Now Playing tracklist to save changes to this playlist) Select the track and then click the Add to Playlist button in the Button bar Right-click the track and select Add To Existing Playlist You select which playlists to play from the Playlists list at the top of the Now Playing tracklist. You manage the contents of your playlists from Napster s Library page, which you access by clicking the Library button on the Navigation bar.
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Listening to and Creating Mix Tapes
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The title s a misnomer in this digital age, but you know what Napster means when it says mix tape it s a collection of songs from a variety of artists, assem bled into a single playlist for real-time listening or burning to CD. Napster devotes an entire section of its sites to mix tapes, with a number of preselected mixes and the option of creating your own mixes. You access the Mix Tapes page by clicking the Mix Tapes link on the bottom of Napster s home page. Here you ll find preassembled mix tapes organized by genre; click a mix to view the tracks. To listen to the mix, click the Play button; to save the mix as one of your playlists, click the Save As Playlist button; to download the complete playlist to your computer, click the Download button. To create your own version of one of these mixes, just select the individual tracks you want from the tracklist. You can then play, download, or save as a playlist those selected tracks. You can also drag selected tracks to the Burn Staging window (see Secret #459) to create your own mix CD.
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