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A cool thing to do is to send someone an electronic greeting card (e-card) with a gift certificate attached. Go to Your Store Friends & Favorites and click the Free e-Cards link to make it so.
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17: Secrets
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Secret #425: Don t Know What to Buy Someone Use Amazon s Gift Wizard
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If you re like me, you have one or more friends or family members that are just plain difficult to buy for. When you have no idea what to give Uncle Fred or Cousin Abby for Christmas, let Amazon figure out what they ll like by using Amazon s Gift Wizard. You access the Gift Wizard, shown in Figure 17-3, by going to See More Stores Gifts Store and then clicking the By Recipient link. You start by telling the wiz ard if the gift recipient is a male, female, or a kid and then continue choosing more detailed options. At the end of the process you ll have a short list of recom mended items; click the one you want and follow the steps in Secret #424 to send the gift on its way.
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Figure 17-3: Use the Gift Wizard to pick a perfect gift.
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Secret #426: Check on Your Amazon Orders
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Want to know the status of any order you ve placed with Amazon Then click the Your Account link at the top of the Amazon home page to go to the Your Account page. Your most recent orders will be listed at the top of the page; to view other orders, pull down the View By Order list and select Open and Recently Shipped Orders, Orders Placed in the Last 6 Months, or Complete Order History Sorted by Year.
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Part IV: Secrets of Online Shopping and Services
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In addition, Amazon sends you an e-mail notification when every order is shipped. Included in this e-mail are basic shipping information and a tracking number. Follow the links in the e-mail to track the item with the designated delivery service.
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Secret #427: Combine Your Orders for Free Shipping or Separate Them for Faster Delivery
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When you order more than one item, you can choose to group all the items into a single shipment, which reduces your shipping charges, or to have the items split into multiple shipments, which costs more but might get your items to you faster. Which option you choose should depend on which items are actually in stock and how much shipping you re willing to pay. If all the items are in stock (designated as shipping in 24 hours, or shipping in 2-3 days), you re best off choosing the Group My Items Into as Few Shipments as Possible option. While this doesn t mean you ll actually receive the items in a single box (see Secret #418), it does mean that Amazon will treat your order as a single shipment and charge you a single combined shipping charge. In fact, if your order runs $25 or more of qualifying products, you re eligible for free Super Saving Shipping assuming you ve chosen this group shipping option. On the other hand, if Amazon indicates that one or more items is out of stock, or if you re pre-ordering an item that s not yet available, choosing the Group My Items options will guarantee that you won t get your order until all the items are available. This is a huge pain, especially if one item is in stock and another won t be available for a month or two. That in-stock item stays in stock, and it won t be shipped to you until the other item becomes available. It is better in this situation to choose the I Want My Items Faster option. The only problem with the I Want My Items Faster option and it s what proba bly causes most people to choose the Group My Items option is that it can dra matically increase your shipping costs. That s because Amazon assumes two (or more) shipments and charges you accordingly. It also disqualifies you from any free shipping offers. But if you re placing a big order and you want some of it now (even if not all of it is available), the I Want My Items Faster option is the one you want. There is another option, of course place two or more separate orders. Let s say you re ordering three books, two of which are available now and the third is set to be published in 60 days. Place one order for the two in-stock books and select the Group My Items option; you ll get these books right away at the lowest pos sible shipping cost (even free, if they meet the minimum). Then place a second
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