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Yahoo! Messenger
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Yahoo! Messenger is both software and a service designed to let you communi cate instantly and privately with other Yahoo! members. When the Yahoo! Messenger software is running, you can send instant messages to any other Yahoo! user currently online, as well as receive up-to-the-minute stock prices, news headlines, sports scores, weather forecasts, and notification of any waiting Yahoo! Mail. You might not know it, but Yahoo! Messenger is one of the big players in instant messaging right up there with AOL Instant Messenger, Windows Messenger (a.k.a. MSN Messenger), and ICQ. Like the other players, Yahoo! Messenger is a free service; all you have to do is download and install the Yahoo! Messenger software which you do from the main Yahoo! Messenger page (messenger After Yahoo! Messenger is running, you see the Yahoo! Messenger window shown in Figure 1-17. When you click the Friends tab, all the members of your Friends List are displayed in the main Messenger window; friends online are displayed in bold. To send an instant message, double-click any name in your Friends List. When the Send Instant Message window appears, enter your message and click the Send button, or press the Enter key. (You can spice up your text with bold, italic, underline, or color, if you want.)
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When connected to the Internet, Yahoo! Messenger can also display news headlines, sports scores, weather forecasts and conditions, and stock prices. Click the Stocks tab to display prices for your portfolio, the News tab to dis play news headlines, the Scoreboard tab to display sports scores, or the Weather tab to display weather forecasts.
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1: Yahoo! Secrets
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Figure 1-17: Using Yahoo! Messenger to chat with other users.
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Secret #23: Share Your Interests with Yahoo! Message Boards and Groups
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The Internet is a great way for people with special interests to gather and exchange ideas. Whether you re into model trains, European soccer, or soap operas, you can find a legion of similar fans online. Yahoo! makes it easy for you to hang out with people who share your special interests via Yahoo! Message Boards and Yahoo! Groups. When you gather via Yahoo!, it doesn t matter where you live you can meet with friends around the globe in the Yahoo! community.
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Yahoo! Message Boards
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Yahoo! Message Boards ( are the electronic equivalent of old-fashioned bulletin boards. Each message board is devoted to a specific topic; users can read the messages posted on the board and then reply or post their own new messages. All messages are visible to the entire public. Yahoo! offers thousands of different message boards, each dedicated to a spe cific topic. At any given time, each board contains dozens or hundreds of mes sages; messages that reply to other messages (or other replies) are said to comprise a message thread. You can browse Yahoo! s message boards by category or search for a specific board. After you ve selected a message board, you ll see the message board s main page like the one shown in Figure 1-18. The theme of the board (in the
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Part I: Secrets of the Internet Portals
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form of a starter message) is sometimes displayed at the top of the page; all the message threads are listed (by topic) below the Topic heading. Click a topic to read the first message in a thread.
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Figure 1-18: Gossip with other users on Yahoo! Message Boards.
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Each message in the thread appears in its own page. Click the Next link to read the next message in the thread; click the Previous link to back up and read the previous message. To reply publicly to a message, click the Reply link; to send a private e-mail to the author of the message, click the author s name.
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Some of the liveliest and most information Yahoo! Message Boards are those created for specific stocks and securities. If you want inside information about a specific stock, go to that stock s message board and read to your heart s con tent. (To find a stock s message board, search for the specific stock symbol on the Yahoo! Message Boards home page.)
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