Secret #309: Look Up Terms You Don t Know in .NET

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Secret #309: Look Up Terms You Don t Know
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Don t know an option from a dividend Then bone up on your financial vocab ulary with MarketWatch s glossary of personal finance and general finance terms. The glossary is available at Personal Finance Getting Started.
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Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
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Secret #310: Use MarketWatch to Track Market and Individual Security Performance
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Well, the site s called MarketWatch of course you can use it to watch the mar kets! We ll look at three of the most common market-tracking activities tracking the overall market, tracking specific industries, and tracking individual securities.
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General Market Performance
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The best place to track overall market performance is the Market Overview page (Investor Tools Market Overview). As you can see in Figure 13-2, this page displays a ton of summary market performance information for all major indexes the Dow Jones Industrials, NASDAQ, S&P 500, NYSE, AMEX, Russell 2000, you name it. All essential data is presented and the most-active securities are listed. This is a great page to get a snapshot of market performance it s worth bookmarking in your browser.
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Figure 13-2: Bookmark the Market Overview page for a snapshot of market
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Specific Industry Performance
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To track the performance of specific industries, go to Investor Tools Industries. This page lists the 10 best- and worst-performing industries and includes links to more detailed data about specific sectors (consumer, financial, industrial, and so on).
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13: CBS MarketWatch Secrets
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Individual Security Performance
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You can check the current price of any security by entering the ticker symbol into the quote box located at the top left of most MarketWatch pages and then clicking the arrow button. If you don t know the symbol for a specific security, click the Find Symbol link below the quote box; this takes you to the symbol lookup page where you can search for symbols by name.
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insider insight
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More detailed information is available on the Stocks tab of the Investor Tools page. This page lets you search for a security and then retrieve a variety of data news, historical quotes, financials, SEC filings, and so on.
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Each quote page features a variety of different views that are all accessible from the pull-down list next to the quote box. The basic Quote/Chart/News view, shown in Figure 13-3, displays a variety of pricing information along with key ratios. Other views provide more detailed information.
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Figure 13-3: MarketWatch s Basic Quote/Chart/News view.
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All intraday quotes are delayed by at least 15 minutes.
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Secret #311: Use MarketWatch to Get Options Quotes
MarketWatch not only tracks traditional securities, it also tracks stock options. To retrieve an option quote, you ll need to know the option symbol, the expiration
Part III: Secrets of the Online News and Information Sites
code, and the strike price. With this information in hand, you enter the following into any quote box: optionsymbol=expirationcode strikepricecode (with no space between the codes). For example, to retrieve the quote for an option on Apple Computer stock (AAQ) with a July call (code G) at $20 (code D), you enter AAQ=GD. You can look up the option symbol, expiration code, and strike price code via MarketWatch s symbol lookup function.
Secret #312: Use MarketWatch to Track Your Personal Portfolio
One of MarketWatch s most powerful tools is its My Portfolios page. All you have to do is create one or more portfolios containing your own collection of stocks and funds and then you can track their performance in a number of ways by accessing the My Portfolios page. When you create a new portfolio, you can do it the simple way or the more com plicated way. The simple way is to enter ticker symbols only (separated by spaces), and track the general performance of these securities. The more com plicated way requires you to enter your cash position for each security how many shares you own, when you bought them, and how much you paid. When you enter this information, My Portfolios can display the financial performance of your portfolio along with the general security performance. Figure 13-4 shows a typical My Portfolio page. The Basic view on the Overview tab displays each security s current price, change from previous, and the per cent change from your purchase price. The Detailed view displays all manner of ratio analyses for each of your stocks; the Performance view is similar to the Basic view, but with more gain/loss analysis; and the Fundamentals view dis plays the market cap and P/E ratio. You can add new stocks to a portfolio by clicking the Add a Stock link; to buy or sells securities from within a portfolio, click the Adjust Position button next to the stock s ticker symbol.